Tiger-Cats Vs. Bombers Play-by-Play Game Thread (8/7/2010)

Eh, enough stadium talk for today, time to play some ball and get a big ol' W.

hes a lil rusty :wink: he has been gone for a couple of weeks

[quote="BobYoungFan"]I like those retro uniforms! [quote]
The stripes on sleeves should be wider, but definitely looking good. And really nice helmets with the "right" logo.

Game on!

Wilbur kicks it off, WPG gets good return unfortuantely. Thought he'd pull a Thiggy for a second.


First pass, was it near pick or actual pick by Bradley?

This may actually be GOOD challenge by Marcel!

Challenge already/ Doesn't look good to me.

Like Forde said, no conclusive evidence.

Then Jyles run 10 yards for FD.

Well done D

The defence finally tightened up.
We get the ball back

Drive ends with bad Jyles pass, intended for wide open receiver.

No big punt return by Thiggy, punt single. 1-0 WPG.

OK, need good long drive, one that hopefully won't end with pass being tipped into hands of a defender. Would also like to see establishment of a ground game, with both Cobb and Thiggy in backfield.

We're down by a point, let's see if we can get that back plus more on this drive
Offence needs to points on the board this drive


BRUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCE FD after Glenn runs around and throws deep one!


And Bruce could not hold onto that, end of drive.

Let's see what Wilbur can do

REALLY nice punt...

So THAT is what a punt with good hangtime looks like!


Nice hang time. Might just keep this guy.

Much better punt and good coverage
Now would be a good time to improve on our turnouver stats