Tiger-Cats vs. Bombers Play-by-Play Game Thread: 8/16/2012


Ask, and yer shall receive.

Nice stutter run for the TD by Williams. How many times did he stop and start on that run?

Yawn..... Williams score.

Williams taking the ball home
7 - 0 for us


For mr RoadRunner! CW80!

7-0 Cats

LOL! Jovon Johnson is brutal.

Nice Drive there by Burris and Williams.

Couple missed blocks, O-Line needs to sure things up.

Ah.... the old "give the opponents great field position on the kick" play

It was the piss poor coverage and not the kick :thdn:

Horrible kickoff coverage - again.

Nice stop by Bucknor on the cutback run. And JJ stops the next play just short. 3rd down stop? Guess not.

What I was saying..... dissing the coverage

Ah..... the Joey Elliott I was looking for. Scary there for 3 plays at first.


Murillo with rookie mistake following the wrong guy. Ok, not technically a rookie, but he didn’t play much last year in TO.

The guys on the radio are saying the Winnipeg fans are already on Elliot.

Sorry for the kid but I hope they rag on him mercilessly tonight.

I'll bet Buck Pierce is the most popular QB now!!

Zamparin said Elliot is telegraphing is passes too…

Who's Buck Pierce? :lol:

Thought for sure Williams was about to cross the goal line and then go back in for a safety on Palardy's missed FG. He sure bounced around a lot back there.