Tiger-Cats Vs. Bombers Play-by-Play Game Thread (8/13/2010)

Tiger-Cats vs. Blue Bombers: August 13, 2010

Tiger-Cats gameday is here again. Yes, despite everything that has happened in this past week with that stadium location fiasco, the show goes on, the games go on. I understand that the players are coaches on this team aren't distracted by what is happening off the field, and are focused on what happens on the field. If you would prefer to focus on what happens on the field, then this thread is the one for posting about the game as it happens. And here we go.

WHAT – Tiger-Cats Gameday: Tiger-Cats vs. Blue Bombers.

WHO - The Hamilton Tiger-Cats and the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

WHY – To see if the Ticats can win the season series against this Winnipeg team and improve their record to 3-4.

WHERE - Canad Inns Stadium in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

WHEN - Friday, August 13th, 2010, at 8:30 p.m. EDT.

HOW - Radio: CHML (900 kHz AM) or Y108 (107.9 MHz FM) broadcasting from Hamilton.

Television: TSN.

Internet: Visit http://www.900chml.com and click the “listen live? link, or simply click here to listen to CHML now.

Click here to view CFL.ca's live scoreboard for recent games. You can click the link to view this game's scoreboard whenever it becomes available, which will likely be just after the opening kickoff.

Click here to view Drew Edwards' blog. Drew will probably be doing live updates during the game.

Click here to view the game preview on Ticats TV. Interesting to hear Bellefeuille say that Bruce wanted to practice, but Bellefeuille would not let him.

Click here for the Tiger-Cats depth chart.

Click here for tonight's weather forecast. At the time I'm posting this, there is a 40% probability of precipitation and southwest winds of 5 km/h are expected. There is a risk of thunderstorms. And at time this was posted, it was expected that the temperature will be about 22 degrees Celsius, though it'll feel like its 29 degrees.

In an interview, Danny McManus, who had been through the 2003 season when the team went bankrupt, said that players and coaches stay focused on what happens on the field, and are not distracted by what happens off of it. It seems that players and coaches on the team would concur. This is the fourth and final game between these two teams. The result of it could have repercussions toward the end of the season. The season series between these teams in on the line as they take each other on one last time. Both teams have players who are either sitting this out our or are not at 100%. But I expect both teams to give 100%. And so I say...

Go Ticats!

Thanks again, BYF Another great job.

I'm sure we will all be watching tonight's game with added interest. So much is at stake these days.

Go, Ticats!

Get to Buck early and often and we should be able to pull off a W.

Interesting that Barker is not on the depth chart at S. Shannon James and Beswick are there. Not so sure about that. If Buck plays, watch for the throws that test the safety position early and often. I wonder if it is to put a run-stuffer there as the Bummers run the ball from the backfield and quarterback spots so well. Maybe it's just a ratio move. Interesting.

Go Aldershot Go...

:D :D :D

Thanks as always, BYF!

Oski Wee Wee,


Pretty sure it's an injury. From what I've heard, he hasn't practiced all week. And it wouldn't be a ratio move, switching out a first string non-import for a third string (at that position) import. That would move the ratio the wrong direction.

I'm hoping James does himself proud. He's a good player, but I don't know how much experience he has at safety. You're probably right that they'll be testing him often.

Albert Smith makes his first start at defensive tackle, MacKay and Fish could see their first game action as well.


Thanks for the game thread BYF. I"ve been looking forward to it all week to get back to football.

I prefer Buck as Jyles seemed to run right up the middle anytime he wanted. Plus it might be a good time to play him coming back after a few weeks on the IR.

Have we heard what's wrong with Nicholson and Barker?

Watching the Riders last night I kept wondering if perhaps we have our own RCAF and just not using them. If it's been concluded that Bauman doesn't have a future as a receiver then I"d like to MacKay get a chance to see if all the positive chatter can be replicated in a game.

IT will be nice to talk football Tonight
I hope we can talk about a Bomber loss and 3rd Place.for Ticats
On our way to 2nd in 3 Weeks

We're banged up for a road game, have a new safety who I'm not sure has ever played the position and I suspect AB3 is hurting. Anytime you play the same team as much as these two have bad blood surfaces. Hopefully we can get out of mosquitoeville healthy. They have some injured guys coming back tonight.

The bigger question is which Mike Gibson shows up: genius or dunce?

I'm wondering, most fans are pretty depressed right now with the stadium situation, what if we get spanked by
the Bombers tonight??? The fifth quarter will probably be censored.

I'm worried about the outcome of this game! A win and we are back in it and more fuel for Mr Young's fire.
A lose and we could be having a long season and people will be saying forget about a stadium we need a team first!!!!!!!!

Now I feel better I got that out of my system. GO CATSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :cowboy:

Why is this game a 7:30 kickoff (local time) anyway? On a Friday night in the larger cities a later kickoff allows people to get to the stadium, but Winnipeg on a Saturday does not have heavy traffic.

Isn't tonight Friday? Didn't you just answer your own question? :oops: (I don't know about you, but I consider Winnipeg a "larger city", at least by Canadian standards.)

Cats need this win tonite!

A win tonite and a win against the argos next week, and the cats are right back in the thick of things and will have salvaged their season!

A win tonight would pretty much do the bombers in. Not only would it give us the season series but it would make the bombers 2-5 with upcoming road game against Montreal and Saskatchewan. :thup:

That would damn near cripple them. But they could still make the crossover since BC and Edmonton are in shambles.

Yea no doubt, but i mean in terms of having a chance in finishing ahead of us, it wouldn't be looking good for them. All we would have to do is split the home and home with Toronto and hope Winnipeg loses those 2 games against Sask and Mtl, then we would be looking at a 2 game lead and the tiebreaker over the bombers at the halfway point.

My bad. Today is Friday. I've been on vacation too long.

However...Winnipeg isn't that big of a city that requires a latter kickoff that cities like Vancouver, Hamilton, Toronto, and Ottawa require.

It might be so that if TSN's golf coverage runs late it won't interfere with the game. They don't even have a pre-game show tonight, just Sportscentre serving as a buffer between the scheduled end of the golf and the football game.

The bummers aren't as bad as many of us thought going into the season. That just goes to show how badly Mike Kelly screwed them. Don't forget we have to play Montreal two more times and the Riders come here once.

The TiCats need to win this one prove the first third of the season was not indicatative of who they are and what they can accomplish. Right now we are playing for second in the East which would mean a home playoff game and then who knows what might happen.