Tiger-Cats vs. Bombers Play-by-Play Game Thread: 6/20/2012

Pierce goes down in a heap
We get the ball back

Keep all those comments coming. I'm stuck traveling tonight so I'm about to miss the rest of the game. I'll read this thread when I get to a computer later tonight to catch up on what happened thanks to all your insightful expertise! :wink:

Cheers, Bob.

CW looks as though he has not missed a step.. looks good so far

Looks like Burris and Williams are pretty comfortable playing together.

Giggy with the 1st down catch!

Burris and Kelly too. Nice.

And then spread it around again, this time to Giguere.

FG attempt Cats.... Maveety is good. .10-0 Cats

FG Maveety. Should have been an illegal contact call when Jones was hit on the 5-yd line...

Burris is 9/12 for 114 yards so far... nice!


The receiver cut the pattern off early similar to last week when Burris missed Giguere. Once everyone gets a few games under their belt, they will start making those throws

LOL… NOTHING… biotches…lmfao!

Nice knockdown by Young. It'd be good to see him back in his early form from last year.

PING! Renaud bangs one off the post.

That's the Cat's third No Yards penalty. Something they need to work on

It’s also our third short punt, which might have something to do with that. Who’s been punting for us so far?

EDIT: According to CFL Live Play, the first penalty was a facemask. And it’s Bartel punting. 32, 43, 33 yards. Hmmmm.

seems we have not lost our skill to give up the deep ball :thdn: :cry:

I'll take a 5-yd penalty over a big return any day.

Burris... great jaunt for the FD

The Aussie, Josh Bartell.
I'm listening to the radio broadcast so I'm unable to see the punt. The radio guys say his kicks have been end over end, that would indicate that he's having a problem with his form. I think Bartell may still be a bit nervous standing back there with a rush coming at him.
That being said the cover team still needs to be aware of where the ball is and be able to give enough space.

Burris getting it done with his legs and then Cobourne with another solid run

Just as I was getting nervous about the running game, they bring it on.

lol Burris has 68 yds rushing...lol