Tiger-Cats vs. Bombers Play-by-Play Game Thread: 11/1/2008

WOW!!!! COHEN!!! 67 yrd TD


May have just gotten himself an invite to camp next year...

Nice gain by Printers... then his 1st completion is TD pass to Cohen!

Cohen looked like he got good blocks on way to endzone. End of 1st quarter, now we have wind at out backs.

WOW! That looked like a good drive.

Cats now have the wind at their back..Let's see what they can do

Stamps Traded to get #2 and 3 Picks they got Two best lineman in draft to Play Guards.
There Tackles where fine . it harder to Find Good Tackles with great Feet..

My idea is offer Casey half of his current contract. If he declines then cut him and take the chance any other team pays him more. I still like Casey, but he's definitely not worth all the cash he's getting paid right now.

TD Bombers on the BOMB!!!
Beat Jeff Tisdale Bad ...

And just like that, we see 1st deep pass by Glenn for a TD. How did those two DBs not catch him? (That was Tisdale and Thompson who could not tackle him.) And Tisdale let him get open...

We forgot to cover Bryant again?

Well, I got home in time to start the 2nd quarter. Why?

Cats where playing a Zone Defence
He Spilt the zone and was gone..

Just in time to miss WPG getting 19 point lead, where they may take rest of day off. DInwiddie will likely be in soon. Not that Glenn is in much danger of getting sacked, but...

Peter Can't play Tackle his feet are too slow..

He's injured. Knee sprain or something. Of course the way our secondary is playing today he could probably be effective throwing from a wheelchair.

Uh oh. Tre's injured.

Irish Update: Three nothing for the good guys.

WPG starts at their 20 after wind aided Setta punt puts them there. But Bauman was open and if deep pass were not well overthrown...

Did I hear Black say Chang might be in? They MAYBE we'll have a chance... :slight_smile:

And I did not hear about Dinwiddie being injured. So maybe Randall or Chang will be in. After Glenn got injured in last year's EDF game, they'll want their backups to be ready and as experienced as possible.

Too bad I like Tre

Nick Setta will be happy (if you are indeed talking about what I think you're talking about..... N.D.?)