Tiger-Cats vs. Bombers Play-by-Play Game Thread: 11/1/2008


Bombers are moving the ball threw our D like knife threw Butter.
TD Bombers 12-0 ....

This is awful...

Somebody forgot to cover Bryant? Thousand yard receiver. Leader in team touchdowns?

welcome to life as a Ticat Fan where use to awfull :lol:

Bombers kept getting short gains, and it seemed that their TD drive looked like result on questionable calls by Creehan. Let's hope this is his last game here.

The passing game had been going well and Printers has appeared to have time to throw. But it seems the offensive line hasn't been as good at blocking for RBs. It's been said before, but they only seem capable of doing one thing right at a time.

Uh... Onknight, I've been a Ticat fan for twenty years, you don't need to welcome me!

You're right though, I guess I'm preachin' to the choir

I never liked the idea of having the league's best running game. In the NFL sure, but this is a throwing league. I'd love to have the league's best passing game.

Yet, it wouldn't do much without a pass rush which we are a long way from having.

19-0 Casey throws into Coverage and is picked for 6


If that didn't spell the end of Printers' time in Hamilton I don't know what is...

His chance to show the team and league that he still belongs and he's blowing it...

Can you say 4th Place and 1st pick in the draft..

I worked this AM and my boss asked me to stay a couple more hours. I said no, I want to watch the Ti-Cat game. Shoulda stayed there and made some money...

So who should be the #1 pick guys?? :?

Crap. Printers throws its directly into hands of Johnson, who flips into endzone for TD. Bad pass. HE still has yet to complete a pass.

Printers has only 4 TD passes this year, and that last one does not actually count as a TD pass, even thought that’s what it was.

WOW! Casey looks scared. Too bad.

OLine. Just like Calgary did last year.

All I can say is...WOW

Casey's talking gibberish in that mini-interview... just like on his radio show...

Touchdown :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

TD Eddie !!! Nice quick pass play..