Tiger-Cats vs. Bombers 2011 EDF Play-by-Play Game Thread

time for a pick 6? turnaround is fair play.

Haha I wish,

I would then have to drive 2 hrs north to Estevan to a Bar to watch the game :roll: :thdn:

And deal with american and canadian border agents :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

Oskie Wa Wa :cowboy:

9 yard gain by Garrett to start, hope that won’t be a sign of things to come.

OK, let’s see if TJH telling us what he told us will help.

Awwwwwww Bucky's hands are cold..... I thought Bummer finks said he was used to the cold?!?!?!

Their drive ends after gaining only 15 yards on it.

A good return by Thiggy despite the no yards, we start @ their 40.

Shovel to Thiggy for FD, we should get 1st points of game soon!

nice run by THIGGY after the catch.

With that run by Thigpen that should put us in field goal range

Come on O time for 6!!

Willis offside. Black called him "big O"? Naming him after that place where we won last week? Hope that'll be appropriate.

Too bad Grant a few yards short of FD, 3rd down.

Money is GOOD... 3-0 Cats!!!

Justin Money opens the scoring. 3 points!!!

It's a what?

:D :D :D ;)

3-0 Sweetness and Light

"It's a lock" says WInnipeg Sun?

Well, Medlock is a lock!

3-0 us.

With Medlock and the wind, I think we started that drive inside FG range.

But nice that he didn’t have to exert himself on that one.

....but I'd really wanted 6. Oh well. Time to Pierce Buck. C'MON D!


And that we gained some ground, kept their D on field...

Fumble... they recover their own fumble.

maybe Pierce needs gloves?


c'mon D