Tiger-Cats vs. Bombers 2011 EDF Play-by-Play Game Thread

Great job, BYF, on the penultimate TiCats game thread of 2011.

Nothing more needs to be said. A trip to the Grey Cup will be decided today.

Oskie Wee Wee!!!!!

Thanks for the thread BYF, I hope you get to do one more of these next week

It's 2:00 am and almost game time.

Go Cats

Thanks again for the compliments.

Well, this Bomber team has comes across as cocky and has given us reasons to dislike them, and it would be great if we turn out being the ones to knock them off. And then we won't have to hear that silly s-word after this.

Need to win in the trenches, need to limit mistakes, need Avon and Thigpen to have big games again.... anything I missed?

And will there be talk about how Bellefeuille and Glenn are not winners if this Ticat team does not win?

TSN's coverage on now!

Really Black???... DOMINATED????

you idiocy starts early I see

He said that? Fortunately I wasn't really paying attention to that Winnipeg boy.

#Ticats take the field to a shower of boos. Guys not wearing sleeves: Mullinder, Steele, the offensive line and all crazy people.
[url=http://twitter.com/#!/scratchingpost/status/138317339463663616]http://twitter.com/#!/scratchingpost/st ... 9463663616[/url]

Yea.. he said WinniPIG has dominated the Cats all season... lmfao!

Alright, kickoff coming up!

GO CATS!!!!!!!!!

I think the battle in the trenches will be the key. Usually which ever team controls the line of scrimmage wins the game. In this cold weather it will be more important than ever. If Cobourne can get 100 yards rushing the Tiger Cats will win.

Game on!

The 2011 EDF game is on!

And Williams starts us at our 53!

Thiggy with the 1st down!!!

Nice pass to Thigpen for FD!

Need a good start...

But wait, LaPolice says Thiggy did not catch it... challenge. Forde things this will stand, as do I.

Hey thanks for the updates everyone,

I'm at work and can't watch the game,

Oskie Wa Wa!!! :cowboy:

WOOOOOOOOT 1st down stands!!!!!

Then Williams loses yards.. ugh!

So that was a catch, but Williams's a few weeks ago wasn't? Go figure.

Great punt by Money... pins Bummers inside the 10

phone in sick? :roll: :wink:

And it does stand.

Handoffs to Williams continue to not work out well for us, loss of a yard. And too bad Avon fell down after that pass.

We have wind, right? Medlock punted it top their 5, good enough angling job.


or fake a damn injury.. just get the hell out of there and in front of a TV ASAP!!!!!