Tiger-Cats vs. Blue Team Play-by-Play Game Thread

It looks like it's that time again for one of these threads to be started.

WHAT – Hamilton Tiger-Cats vs. The Blue Team

WHO – The Hamilton Tiger-Cats and the blue team (a.k.a the Toronto Ar******s)

WHY – It's the Tiger-Cats versus the blue team. Need I say more? Well, considering the standings in the East Division...

WHERE – Ivor Wynne Stadium

WHEN – Saturday, August 12th, at 7:00 p.m. EDT.

HOW – Television: TSN

Radio – CHML 900KHz AM www.900chml.com

Click here for today's game preview.

Click here for the depth chart.

Clcik here for today's weather forecast. There is still a 0% probability of precipitation. It's expected to be about 20 degrees there, with wind being NE at 5 km/h. But let's hope the visiting team will be the one that'll really... just getting into the gameday spirit.


Have fun at the game.

Eat 'Em Raw, Tigers!

I'll be out on my balcony cheering the boys on. If I'm on here too much during the game -- that's NOT good. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Oski Wee Wee,

Will miss you at the Games Russ..
I'll keep one cold for ya.. :thup:


still time to jump on a train Russ........ :smiley:

LMAO...tempting, but a few wobbly pops and my small colour TV on my balcony on a mild Montreal evening is not too shabby either. The women below that walk by are icing on the cake, but I digress :wink:

Oski ooh la la,

This reminds me of the movie Warriors, when the gang has to get home through New York. When the cats bomb the argos tonite, imagine trying to get home through Toronto in full Ti-cat gear.
Should be a piece of cake........FEY

I expect the call on TSN tonight will be done by Chris Cuthbert and Leif Petterson since Rod Black and Glen Suitor worked the Eskimos-Riders game last night. It will be good to hear Cuthbert if this is true. The Black-Petterson tandem having exactly been scintilating in covering the Cats over recent weeks (except last week where they weren't too excruiciating since there wasn't too much to be negative about)...

Oski Wee Wee,

Two weeks ago was my first game in 4 years, I’m hoping for a better result tonight.

Go Cats

Sometimes I try to set up a BBQ meal to
the theme of the game...

I figured pork chops or pork ribs..since its hogtown we're talking about.

Against Montreal I usually do the Beer Can Chicken... i must admit to anyone who grills...TRY IT...
there's alot of recipes online, super easy and the end result is succulent!

Hey by the way kinda jazzed about the uniforms they are going to be wearing tonight...

Maybe one day they'll try the old jerseys again with the stripes ...

It must be noon somewhere on this planet--time for a beer...cheers everybody!


Welcome back.

101 minutes till game time. Can ya feel it in the air?

yep ")

What a perfect day for a game. Wish I was in Hamilton for this one.

I'm about to leave for the game. The blue team should be worried. Very worried. The Cats are undefeated wearing their new jerseys... :cowboy:

Pretty good first series, using our "strength" players, Ranek and Vaughn, then seeing an excellent punt and close coverage...any idea whats the penalty?

Looks like the refs might be blowing this one.

Gotta love these blitzes!

Watchin in HD, plenty of forbidden chant shirts in the audience.

Note the CHML coverage is about three seconds ahead of TSN...