Tiger-Cats vs. Blue Team Play-by-Play Game Thread: 9/8/2012

So once gain, the D gives up a TD on the blue team's opening drive.

Jiggy starts us at our 37... then UR tacks on another 15. Was Wilbur who took it.

OK, good field position. Do something with it.

Good start as Avon gains 10+.

Run D right back to being crappy after a week of being decent.

Burris underthrows Grant, gain of a total of less than 20 that drive.

Congi good from 47. He continues to be reliable. 7-3 for that evil team.

Once again this team just does not seem ready to play. No imagination on offense and a terrible defense. How does Creehan still have a job?

Oh joy.

Big return by Owens, Congi had to push him out. Instant FG range for them.

this team is gawd awful and this is going to be ugly

Three is better than none, it’s a positive.
The defence has to play with some pride.
The special teams too.

Could be an ugly day! :roll:

Murillo with PI call, 1st and goal from 10.

Whoa, a sack! McElveen takes down Ray.

Wow we are terrible. How do we have the best punt returner yet he doesn't return kickoffs? That last play we rushed 3 men, yikes

Luca Congi has been stellar so far this year! Great job!

Luca with the save on the return by Owens.

Holding them to three is big.

Wilbur loses some rust in getting a 17 yard FG.

The game the week after Labour Day usually is for us, and so far it looks like that trend could continue.

I liked what I saw from Avon. May need to keep handing it to him. But of course, need “good Hank” to show up.

Let Burris call his own plays!!!!

Wilbur's illegal kickoff starts us at our 45.

I liked see Grant pushing off defenders there. But Stala and Huntley both offside. No gain, no loss.

Then we see timecount violation. More sloppiness.

unreal... Burris

1st and 15... Avon gains 20!

Keep that up and we MUST find a way to have him and Chevy in the lineup.

Burris needs more than 2 seconds to throw

I have a gut feeling we'll eke out 2 points today.....just a feeling


Passes to Jones then Grant gets us FD. In FG range.

Avon gains about another 20! 22 to be exact!

Get the TD...

Cobourne is running well. Will Cortez keep him involved?