Tiger-Cats vs. Blue Team Play-by-Play Game Thread (9/8/2007)

we're winning

We're on the board
2-0 Hamilton

Is it just me, or is Pinball being a head coach turning into a mean-spirited person? I have a TONNE of respect for him as a roll model for youth, a motivational speaker, an ambassador for the sport and all, but I think that coaching the blue team has tarnished that image...

Very nice punt coverage

Did I miss something sig? What did he do or say?

Good Special Teams work by the Cats


our seconday needs to tighten up ALOT


And here we go again

I'ts just a perspective I have, jlshooter.

Why does Gordon still have a job? Three times he got burnt on that drive. Bishop is just going to sit in the pocket and throw his way all day.

No Pressure & No Coverage, plus penalties are killing us

Hope Printers can play defence .....ours stink.

The Secondary is getting lit up again
7-2 for them

Not any more...

Where is the safety Good Question by Walby. Sitting on the Bench Beveridge

enough of this sideways crap!!! throw the ball upfield!!

Chang is looking more comfortable Too bad we don't have a running game

Chang seems a bit more poised this game than last