Tiger-Cats vs. Blue Team Play-by-Play Game Thread: 9/11/2009

Maybe Rod Black had to go to a figure skating tournament

Damn! Black is back! :wink:

Oh yes, the triple klutz!

Did I just a hear a loud Oskeeweewee chant? :slight_smile:


There's the running game! Cobb with FD, we're at their 44.

I expect in the back-to-back, Cobb will be a bigger factor in the gameplan.

Glenn's deep ball was out of gas. Lots of nylon out there!

Good run by Cobb

Glenn offside? What? :slight_smile: Maybe he did mean to say 4.


Nice catch by McDaniel by 1st base.

We are within 30, but then Williams underthrown. At least we're in FG range

I haven't been too impressed with Williams lately, even with that underthrow.

Setta gets it right this time, gets the easy one.

3-0 us with about 6:30 left in the 1st quarter.

Zeta-Jones beautifully splits...

I mean Setta's FG is good. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

3-0 Tabbies

Setta read his job description clause that said "kick the ball through the uprights"

Cats up 3 - 0

Pickett to Carter for FD, they get to midfield.

Sounds like the Cats have had some sloppy tackling on the last few plays

Cody "Don't" Pickett will his version of a divot.

Pass not even close to intended receiver, 3rd down.

McDaniel returns within to our 9.

Alright, Cobb has had two big gains so far. Are they not focusing on him as much? Would like to see Glenn be more like he was in 1st half last game with his passes.

Nice YAC by Bruce for the first down!