Tiger-Cats vs. Blue Team Play-by-Play Game Thread: 9/11/2009

I have been listening to CHML and have not paid much attention to TSN, but I understand it was said you need at least a year and half to evaluate a coach. Kelly could be an exception to that rule.

Alright, blue team has not won in their house since last year, let's keep it that way.

Kickoff in a few minutes...

I hear what your saying BYF, but it does make me laugh. TSN-Toronto sports network.

How about Bellefeuille and the job hes doing. I like the direction hes taking our team :thup: :rockin:


TSN's coverage is on now with the pre-game panel.

TSN says Glenn and Pickett will start. No surprise.

Balsillie LEAPT OUT the court to watch the Cats... LMAO (agree with Captain Kirk) :stuck_out_tongue:

Hello everyone
Nice thread BYF
I think we will be 6-4 after this game. If that French team can lose this week we will only be one game back

Game on!

McDaniel returns to our 25.

Davis finally catches one for FD. Pigskin Pete caught more than he did last week, no?

Our first First down

Let's keep it going

Glenn armpunt nullified by Naught penalty (illegal contact)!

MIddlebrooks contacts Prechae, 10 yard gain.

Toronto wants to beat themselves again
Glenn was lucky

Bigfoot goes to sideline, crap. Was looking forward to him giving more lessons on how to be a guard. Rottier in.

Glenn throwing...somewhere...as Bruce slipped.

Setta 46-yd FG attempt is wide -- Poole returns in to the Naught 10

Incl. to AB3 after he goes down, Setta wide from 46, Poole returns it to their 10.

Will we see the "Zetta is overrated" thread get a bump?

Setta has not been sharp the last couple games

Forde is doing play-by-play! COOL!


Is the roof open or closed?

Open. That can create issues in the kicking game.

Near-armpunt to Smith, would have been nice to see his INT streak going.

Pickett had lots of time, but 2 and out.

Open. http://scratchingpost.thespec.com/2009/ ... ening.html

That was too good to last. :slight_smile: