Tiger-Cats Vs. Blue Team Play-by-Play Game Thread: 8/20/2010

Tiger-Cats vs. Blue Team: August 20, 2010

Tiger-Cats gameday is here again. And so the time to post the thread for posting about the game as it happens has come. If you would like to post about what happens during the game as it happens, this is the thread for that. There might not be as many posts to the thread this time, as at least some of those who'd post here will be there in Toronto making it so that their loud "Oskeeweewee" chants will be heard on TV. But this thread is here for those who will be able to participate in it. And here we go.

WHAT – Tiger-Cats Gameday: Tiger-Cats vs. Blue Team.

WHO - The Hamilton Tiger-Cats and that blue team.

WHY – To see if the Ticats can improve their record to .500 and beat a team other than Winnipeg.

WHERE - The stadium formerly known as the SkyDome in Toronto, Ontario.

WHEN - Friday, August 20th, 2010, at 7:30 p.m. EDT.

HOW - Radio: CHML (900 kHz AM) or Y108 (107.9 MHz FM) broadcasting from Hamilton.

Television: TSN.

Internet: Visit http://www.900chml.com and click the “listen live? link, or simply click here to listen to CHML now.

Click here to view CFL.ca's live scoreboard for recent games. You can click the link to view this game's scoreboard whenever it becomes available, which will likely be just after the opening kickoff.

Click here to view Drew Edwards' blog. Drew will probably be doing live updates during the game.

Click here to view the game preview on Ticats TV.

Click here for the Tiger-Cats depth chart.

Click here for tonight's weather forecast. At the time I'm posting this, there is a 10% probability of precipitation and winds of 10 km/h are expected. And at time this was posted, it was expected that the temperature will be about 21 degrees Celsius.

After getting off to a 1-4 start this season, this Ticat team looks to put their slow start as far behind them as possible. And it would be great to see the Ticats get their record to .500 by defeating the blue team, and to take away some of their momentum. For the Ticats to have the possibility of being ahead of the blue team in the standings after Labour Day, they must win tonight. This game between these teams is more meaningful than games usually are between these teams, and it could be a very entertaining one. And so having said that, I say...

Go Ticats!

8) A great job as usual, BYF.
 If the Cats have serious aspirations for second (or first) place in the standings, a win tonight is very important.

 Can't allow the Argos to go 6 points up, even at this stage of the season !!

With the bye week coming up,the result of tonight's game will greatly influence the state of mind of the whole team before our next game.
Coming back after a week of savouring victory over the Blue team would be a great incentive for the balance of the schedule.

A tough game tonight. but absolutely a "must" win.

We need to go out at 500
so when we come back from Bye week
we can move up the Standings to 1st .

Thanks as always for the tee up, BYF!

Oski Wee Wee,


Oh my goodness neither Rod Black or Glen Suitor will be calling this one! Forde and Miller will be calling this one! That just made my day so much better!

I met and talked to DeAndra Cobb this morning, I told him(kidding around) I want to see 150-200 yards rushing out of him today.. lol He just smiled and said "for sure".

By all means Mr. Cobb, please feel free to meet my expectations of you tonight..

Lets go Cats..

I don't care how many yards he gets, the main thing is he's effective just enough to open up the passing game.

I still can't believe the record of the Argos. :roll:

Come on, Cats, whip those Argos and give me a win in the virtual Grey Cup challenge! :smiley:

If Boyd goes on a rampage like he can, it's going to be a long night for us.

Well I am fairly certain that Greg Marshall has carefully watched the videos of the 2 games the blue team played against Montreal. In both cases, the Als' defence made Boyd a non-factor. . . so I'm sure he's picked up on what they were doing. Once you stuff Boyd, you make the Argos' rather one-dimensional. . . and their passing game isn't quite up to snuff yet. They did get some long gainers against the Als last time out, however. . . but again I'm sure Marshall will have seen how and why and has a plan to counter.

Don't forget that the Argos are missing key players such as Copeland and Middlebrooks.

If ever there was a time for the Cats to be opportunistic, it's now.

Thanks again BYF.. great job, but that goes without saying..... since I didn't make it home from work in time to catch a train to get us there on time, I will be a participant in tonight's GDT

Looking forward to kick off!!!!

Thanks to those who complimented me on how I started off the game thread, I always appreciate that.

HTD, it's too bad you couldn't make it to Mister Rogers' Neighbourhood to be among the Ticat fans looking to make it seem more like a home game for the "visiting" team. But it'll be good to have you here.

As I said, this could be a good one. The blue team will not be taken lightly after last week, so they won't be blindsiding anyone. Boyd has played very well, but we'll see how he'll do against what is arguably the league's best linebacking corps. It's interesting how one team depends heavily on the forward pass and not so much on the RBs, but with the other team, it's the other way around. Though I hope Cobb will do what he said he'd do.

Tonight's scratches:

IMP LB Shannon James
NIP OL Brian Ramsay
IMP DT Albert Smith
IMP DE Khari Long

[url=http://scratchingpost.thespec.com/2010/08/scratches.html]http://scratchingpost.thespec.com/2010/ ... tches.html[/url]

So yes, Wilbur will play. I figure Fodge would not have been released if Wilbur had to sit this out. I'm not worried about missing Long. After seeing how McIntyre did in his place at DE and how Kirk did at DT, our front four should be fine.

Don't get me wrong, I like seeing the Ticats beat the Bombers, but now it's time for this team to beat another team. Starting tonight.

Jock Climie the forever TiCat hater.. boo you JC

Wow. Quite a segment on Boyd.

Indeed... well done!!

kick off upcoming!!

Kickoff coming up.

It might be a "quiet" evening in the game thread, but Ticat fans, including those who'd usually be here now, will make it so it'll be anything but quiet in the dome.

Game on!

Boreham kickoff goes past end zone. Wanted to see Thiggy do his thing, that will have to wait.

We start at 25.