Tiger-Cats vs. Blue Team Play-by-Play Game Thread: 7/14/2012

ALright lets go O!

Was thinking same thing. Lack of experience showing.

...which leads to 2 and out! Nice job by McElveen to make 'em lose 6 yards.

We start by midfield!

Shank #2. :smiley:

The defence has showed up so far. I am watching how Crable and McElveen perform at DE.

CHML reported that the Argos brought in air conditioning units to be used in the dressing room but they broke down. HaHa
The city should turn the heat on in the dressing room just because

Black said it was better punt than his first, but that's not saying much. Bartel actually hasn't been as bad. Who just started playing this game, and who is a longtime vet again? :slight_smile:

Two not-so-easy ones that Stala could not quite get end drive.

Again, Bartel could not angle it out. 15 yard no yards call again.

Well who's gonna score first in this crap shoot :smiley:

That could technically be a 25-yard UR penalty on Grant. Fortunately, no.

Hope that is a sign of things to come for them. :slight_smile:

Smiling Hank is 1 - 6, he better get on his game pretty soon.
Another No Yards penalty. Hamilton's giving back all the field postion thery're gaing


got the horsecollar call!!!

I'm sure he won't want to be on sidelines watching Porter do just as bad again.

End of blue team drive, but you have to catch that, Tisdale! Another drop by him.

Penalty tacked on after Williams return?

Two Chevy carries get us FD, near Congi range.

Thats a Nice Chevrolet!

TD CATS!!!!!!
C Williams!!!

Forget the FG... WILLIAMS TD!

That'll improve Hank's numbers!

7-0 good guys!

80 for the Try!!!!!!

Congi for the Congi!!!! :rockin: :thup: 8)



Speed kills! And that was a FASTBALL from Hank!