Tiger-Cats vs. Blue Team Play-by-Play Game Thread: 7/14/2012

Ruling in the game was that it was a completion. I haven't heard anything from the league on it yet, but according to the rule, it should have been a 10 yard illegal participation penalty.

2 and out is not a good start...

OMFG Black.. shut the hell up about the birthplace of our punter :roll:

Chevy gains four, pass to well-covered Fantuz incomplete.

Alright, let's hope D can get it done again.

Almost threw a pick, and then nice punt bartel!

Nice stop, JJ! (At least someone on the team knows how to tackle.)

LOL.. nice punt!

Wow solid stop by the D, but not the best start by our D either, at least no pts were scored eh :smiley:

Nice tackle of Boyd by JJ! End of blue team drive.

We start by our 30 after shanked punt.

Will we see some deep passes attempted soon?

Did that actually hit the Argh player in the back?



FD! In blue team territory!

The Tiger Cat offence better play some inspired football this game.
This is their second chance to do something.
Burris needs to make something happen

Fantuuuuuz for the First :thup:

a little mean spirited game already...lol I like it!

What an Inspired Start!!!!!!!!!!! :thdn:

Burris misses Jiggy, another kink that has to be worked out.

15 yard no yards call after punt? Not good.

Bartel really needs to start angling his punts more. That was a perfect opportunity for punting to the sidelines. Instead, we get a 15 yard no yards penalty.

BIG loss!!

McElveen read that one the whole way.

Much more concerned about the defense than the offense...

The offense has played well enough that even with an average defense they would have at least 1 win out of 2.