Tiger-Cats vs. Blue Team Play-by-Play Game Thread:10/23/2009

Nice big gap for Cobb, as he runs for 10+

Audio/video sync off for me too.

What happened on timecount violation? He missed open Cobb, FG attempt coming up

did my browser setting get all messed up or did they make some changes ?
Couple more Moose Head might take that feeling away ..!!

Nick must be back to health-that kick looked really good!

Alright, Setta good from 45. 3-0 for us. We have lead, let's keep it that way.

Let's see if we can get some pressure on KJ and make him make some mistakes.

The ball wasnt snapped before the 20 sec clock expired. :stuck_out_tongue:

the skydump sounds sooooooooo quiet

Audio seems fine for me now, it only happened during the panel just before the game.

We got 3 but that time count violation may have cost us 7

Cats were lucky on that drive, they could easily be down by 7 points

I hope so. I've seen Ito's numbers and I'd rather not see us have to use him.

Blew team starts at their 39 after not bad return by Allen.

The skydump will get loud when the ticats score .....

Sure does. It sounds kind of like what you can hear when you click the button on this site: http://instantcrickets.com/

Lucas gets open, makes good catch. But then overthrow and KJ holding on too long (leading to Bishopish throw) means blew team will punt.

Let's see if Glenn and get through this series error free

AH, nevermind audio is still out of sync but better then before. I dont even know why I have my surround sound on the game is soo quiet. :thdn:

Sigh.. the Cats are not looking as good tonight... has me worried!!

Ah, just as I suspected. :slight_smile:

We start at our 15.

James was well-covered on that first pass, complete on 2nd pass. 2 and out.

Smith slipped on punt return, not going to silence his critics with that. Blew team get good field position.

Will we see another puntfest tonight?

We're not off to a play-off like start.

Its going to be just fine, HtD...theyre just getting rid of the nerves.....

Roberston gets 3 yards. But then Joseph pressured, eludes Long, gets FD. Thought we’d get him there

Medlock comes up short onthe 55 yarder attempt!!

Robertson not getting far, as expected. Throw into double coverage into endzone leads to 55 yard FG attempt that was JUST short.

We still have bad field position. Need to do something about that.