Tiger-Cats vs. Blue Team 2010 EDSF Play-by-Play Game Thread

If that's not a sellout, it's close. Nice loud Oskeeweewee chant that could be heard from blocks away!



Durie starts them at their 35.

Keep the volume turned up! Go D!

TIme for Cleo "The Baker" Lemon to whip up some LEMON TURNOVERS! :wink:

Good stop on Lemon...Argos to punt

Nice tackle by Tisdale on Lemon to make it 3rd and about 1. They punt.

Thiggy starts us at our 35... but wait, horsecollar moves us to our 50!

Need a good start...

Nice start.

Cobb got nowhere, Glenn threw away. Two and out for us. Might be lots of those today.

Then they start on their 30.

Glenn with the airball...

Two and out for the good guys. But Owens held to very few yards on the return - legally.

No where to go Boyd!

Great stick on Watt by Dennis!


Thigpen almost broke that!

Boyd gets nowhere, pass led to gain of just a few.

We start by our 50 again.

Now, let's gain some yards this drive. Would be good to be able to welcome back AB3...

shoeless cobb

Penalty called during commercial break?

Pass to Cobb for 1st FD for game, almost brings us back there to the 50!

Pass to Cobb complete, short of FD.

19 yard punt? What happened there?

you can't have that in the playoffs wilbur.

Wilbur with the shank...ugh

Angling a wet ball...but, you need more yardage!

He just gave the Argos free field position.