Tiger Cats vs Blue Bombers

It was unveiled for the home opener last week. I believe it is at the north end (there is a patio for socializing at the south end so that seems to be the logical spot. It's used to signal the beginning of a game and each TD !

Thanks for the info. Seems pretty neat and I hope it becomes an institution at the venue.

i know its coming back, but WOW!
Watching that was fun

He just casually ran through the whole team. Amazing


You would think that of all teams, the Tiger-cats would have gotten the "block from behind" rule drilled into their special teams heads.
Again, incredible!


It is a permanent fixture at THF as of this season.
Yes, at the north end.

Fantastic new tradition!

Tasker has to squeeze that one. That INT is on him. Collaros showed great vision and delivered an absolute laser beam to Tasker. Don't know if I've ever seen Collaros looking/playing with so much confidence. Will be downright scary for the rest of the league if he takes his game to another level

Indeed, great to see Banks run since the days of Henry Williams

Is that Bret Favre playing QB for the Ticats? :lol:

Have to say that the fans are divided on on it - apparently the fan noise drowns it out when the team scores but I like it and think it fits well with the working class image of Hamilton.

38-8 Hamilton final

What was the attendance?

Can't believe that anyone watched this game as I turned it off at 21-0. I use to like the CFL until I started watching the NFL and now it just seems like a boring bush league. This game was prime example. These are players that can not make the NFL and many of the Canadians only play only because they are Canadian and they help fill the ratio requirements which in turn brings the talent level on the field down another notch. Maybe it would be worth watching if the best available players were playing regardless of birth certificate. The real football NFL (Vikings) and hockey (Go Jets Go) can not start soon enough.

It was a sell out (officially) so around 24,500. It's considered a sell out when less than 5% of tickets remain.

Then why are you complaining here?? There were many talented players on the field tonight in black and gold - both Canadian and American! Now you can go watch the Hall of Fame game

That second pick 6 by Davis was just the icing on his birthday cake!! :smiley:

LOL what a Canadian Joke the bummers have become :lol:

Wow.. The Bombers should have packed it in right after that Argo bounce kickoff. They should have just put Marve and Brohm out there so that it became abundently clear how much better Marve is and that Brohm should be cut.

Over 60 of us watched and enjoyed the entire CFL game. TiCats played good football both Canadian and American players, talent both sides and they play as a team. Yeah, we are watching the NFL game now but we will be back for CFL Professional football Thursday night, Friday night and twice on Saturday.

Then why are you still on a CFL fan site ?

Perhaps we should have a HATER FORUM in the OT section and limit this forum to the real fans.

What a total win for the Cats! Wow, just wow and Davis!!! :thup: :thup: And with the injuries on the Cats, extremely impressive by this team that could be headed to Canada's national championship football game once again. :o

Everyone and their mother fears Tim Hortons Field. For good reason!

The NFL is slow football, watching a bit of the game tonight on TSN and had to turn it off, wife and me going to watch a library rented film Fast and Furious instead, and hockey NHL style nowadays is glorified pond hockey by 35 and overs. The excitement in both the NHL and NFL and MLB and NBA pales in comparison to CFL football!!! :thup: :thup: :thup: