Tiger Cats vs Blue Bombers

Wow.. Travel Pat must be smiling now

willy is done.. LMAO

Oh I bet for sure. He took a great photo before going. That was good of him.

I'm sure he is! :smiley: As are all Ticat fans

For those without ESPN3 or ESPN News or without cable TV access in Canada, here is an ESPN feed I found.

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To answer Rod Black's question, when you are down 21-0 how do you come back?

It was done once already this season a few weeks ago by Toronto against BC at BC. It's still a game folks.

But this one feels different, it feels like it's already over. The Bombers just drove the field, and one sack and they come away with no points.

Also those complaining about all the flags, I think there has only been two flags thrown all game so far...

Perhaps, but I would not be talking like that now if I were any fan of the Ti-Cats. There is such a thing as karma, and as CFL fans we know it well too.

True. No lead is safe in the CFL


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Thankfully we don't have to do that as much anymore given ESPN's coverage in the US, but for some dumb reason they put this game on ESPNews instead of on the more accessible ESPN3.

That is the Ticats FOURTH sack of the game - Hickman 2, Laurent 1, Norwood 1. Ticats will have another short field to work with.

C'mon, I'm calling it, This is over.

The Ti-Cats are the best team now. Now 28-0, go for 35 before the half I say.

I'm looking forward to the matchup in Edmonton in two weeks provided that the Eskimos can shore up their situation at QB. Otherwise we'll probably have some wicked defensive battle. On the road in Montreal next week will be tough enough after this week's loss.

Then again...there's another TD for Hamilton. 28-nill. This one could get ugly quick

That is one impressive D-Line

When did Tim Hortons Field get that whistle thing? In which endzone is it located?

Just love how Banks lowers his shoulder into a guy that is twice his size when he easily could have ran out of bounds a few yards earlier. Great to see star players buying in like that

My first thought yesterday was....
Bombers - 14
Hamilton - 62

I'm thinking that he returns one for TD this game.

Well 31-0, so at this point the Ti-Cats need only stay the course and not self-destruct.

The Ti-Cats have the 'Bombers' number this season, and the 'Bombers ought be grateful that they don't have to play the Ti-Cats again this year barring an unforeseeable Grey Cup.