Tiger Cats vs Blue Bombers

Winnipeg - 16
Hamilton - 44

Still about 200 tickets available to this game even though the Ti-Cats announced it as a sell-out on Friday for some inexplicable reason. Yes about half of them are singles, but half of them are side by side pairs or in some places 3-5 consecutive seats.

Looks like a perfect late afternoon/early evening for football here in Hamilton with sunshine and a game time temperature of about 23C with winds from the NE at 10-15 km/hr (from left to right as you watch at home). So hopefully no lightning delays or downpours this game.

Perfect afternoon for football. Now that the Jays have won - time to hop on my bike for the 15-20 minute bike ride to THF. As you can see of this shot of the stadium just taken from my balcony - a perfect afternoon for football in Hamilton.



Being a long time suffering Bomber fan I dont even care if we win.. I just want to watch a football game. I have honestly only seen a handful in the last few seasons. If the Bombers lose and the score is 36-22, but there is less than 100 yards worth of penalties and minimal amount of dropped balls, then I'll take it. If they win a game like Toronto won yesterday, or because the Hamilton coach was too stupid to try a 48 yard field goal with no wind, then I will wish that I spent the afternoon at the dog park.

I don't believe you. You either like to watch football or like to come here and complain about it even if you have to go off topic.

I'm with you though on wanting to see a quality game played by both teams. So far this weekend, I enjoyed Thursday night's game in Ottawa the most.

Didn't know you were a Bomber fan Bungle....
Agree about wanting a good game though. Hamilton has a good team, this will be a good test to see where we are at.

Go Blue!

WTF? I have nothing on TSN4 :x

For fans in the US, the game is not even on ESPN3. It's been awhile since I've had to shiver me timbers, so I'll find a thread.

Meanwhile the amount of steaming hot crap aired otherwise on various channels of ESPN3 is baffling.

And I am thinking that because ESPN has an MLS game in the spotlight in progress, they chose to stiff the CFL.

That's yet another reason the likes of ESPN need to go down and will given especially recent news.

The game is being shown on ESPN News Channel.

well in Vancouver the Nascrap post game show was shown instead of the first 2 and a half minutes of the game... TSN is sooo out of touch.. Like if the cars were still going in circles, I understand, but to pre empt live coverage of a scheduled program to have commentary after a previuos event is unexcusable. Of course the first play they show is a pick six against my team.. FML..
Reminds me of the time back around 2000 when I drove from Terrace BC to Edmonton and went to see my Bombers and the Esks returned the opening kickoff for a TD.... The game was over before it started..

Wow.. Hamilton has had a time of possession for about 8 seconds and have 14 points..... Jesus

this game is over for the bumbers. they should just throw the house at their QB every down and try to create something b ad

Game started on TSN 4 or the Ticats livestream every home game so you can always go to Ticats.ca and tune it there. Of course you'll have to watch the team come out of the tunnel and such but you should catch the beginning of the game :slight_smile:

they need to learn how to get mean and nasty like the Ti cats. go at their QB like they go at the Bumbers

Argo bounce for the Cats... game over.

The sad thing is the Bombers looked pretty good until the int....

Pick 6 and a blocked punt which gave them excellent FP for the TD and the bummer fumbled the ball away again to the Ticats who have just scored ANOTHER TD!!

They did and I was wondering where the Hamilton D was hiding!

According to suitor anyways.. I never seen it..
Maybe TSN should have kept the game blacked out.. Put the Nascrap back on!!!!!

That kickoff was not the Bombers fault... I guess he could have caught it in the air, but that was one strange bounce.