Game on. Looks like Lumsden's still out.

Nice pick/TD by Moreno!

Glenn is back, and still getting picked off, this might be a long evening for the Bombers.

Roberts is in for the TD

Should have been grounding,
It was way over the first recievers head and a good 8 yards away from the second

Nice recovery by the Bombers, they used Roberts perfectly, this might be a good game after all.

For real, but then again, with the kind of officiating we've had all season, should we be surprised?

Williams is doing a good job on the hand-offs. The cameramen have lost the ball a couple of times now.

Geez, someone sneak a can of stickum to the Cat’s!!!

I was wondering what happened to Tre Smith. A victim of the import rule!

These two teams are very evenly matched. :slight_smile:

....yup...but you know what...we're not the worst in the league ....just tied for it :lol: :lol: :lol: