Tiger-Cats vs. Blue Bomber Play-by-Play Game Thread

Back to my balcony to stew...although it is a nice evening for stewing...more later!

Oski Wee Wee,

Flemming could be making history

My god is Milt good or what?

I love watchin Roberts run...what an entertaining team the Bombers are.

Mind you my grandmother could run and catch against this leaky defence

He does that against every defense.

This team sucks. I dont care what anyone says about giving it time. We just plain suck! :frowning:


I apologize for toast lovers everywhere. I am not a Cubs fan, so I do not dig the loveable loser chic. LOL

Oski Wee Wee,

Shoot me now.


You said it.....we are a beaten broken bunch....season is ending fast for this team unless a miracle happens.

Bend but don't break defences do not run 3-man fronts against teams with running threats like Roberts and Glenn when inside the 30. Simple. Kavis is back to shooting blanks again.

Oski Wee Weem

We've literally been intercepted by Mr. Bean...

I have officially turned off my television, so much for eakin !

Whew!....248 kilometers in the last 3 hours......too late and too tired to go to Ivor Wynne now.....

so, let's get some luck going our way!

The comeback starts now! (or, as soon as we get the ball back anyhow) :wink:

Have faith everyone! :rockin:


Yup. Sigh.


The luck starts now!

Have faith!

stick a fork in us....unacceptable i dont know what else to say. sad all the money spent and talent bought and this is all we can do....i have to blame the coaches from marshall down to erdman there is no other excuse.

Lets start building for next year, were good at that.