Tiger-Cats vs. Blue Bomber Play-by-Play Game Thread

WHAT – Tiger-Cats vs. Blue Bombers

WHO – The Hamilton Tiger-Cats and Winnipeg Blue Bombers

WHY – To see the Ticats (hopefully) begin a winning streak to get out of the 1-5 hole that they are in.

WHERE – Ivor Wynne Stadium

WHEN – Friday, July 28th, at 7:15 p.m. EDT. Note the change in time of the opening kickoff.

HOW – Television: TSN

Radio – CHML 900KHz AM http://www.900chml.com

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And to all of you who’ll be there at the game, have fun. Hope to hear you tell about how you enjoyed today’s gameday experience.

And on another note, today is System Administrator Appreciation Day. So maybe today we could try to find the time to thank Ron and everyone else who keeps Ticats.ca running. To find out more about system administrators and System Administrator Appreciation Day, click here.

And now the offence is walking onto the field. Flick and Peterson at wideout. Vaughn and Yeast at SB. After that great 40 yard return by homles they set up at 42. Eakin in for the injured Maas. Eakin takes the snap out of the shotgun. Hes drops back and pump fakes. Barrin Simpson coming in unopposed but what a minute! Eakin stiff arms him to the ground, looking to having broken every bone in Simpson's face. unbelievable! He reads the defense and see DJ downfield. He releases a perfect spiral travelling at an unbelievable speed. And Flick has it! Hes taken it to the house. Touchdown Ticats! What a play by the Ticat offence. Give kudos to the offensive line on that, they gave Eakin perhaps 20 seconds to make a read. And what a play it was.

Haha just practicing. Its gonna happen you people watch. :wink:

well when u have 20 seconds to throw the ball, that means your receivers cant get open at all..yep..itll be a long day if the receivers cant get open for the tabbies..cuz we all no thats whatll happen

im sorry that u guys will have to even watch or hear this game..cover your eyes and ears..your in for a looooooong nite!

GO BOMBERS GO!!! goin for 5 wins to tie last years total :rockin:

61-18 Ticats, Stegall gets so frustrated from being covered by Goss that he trades his Bombers jersey to a Ticat jersey and lights up the Bomber secondary. :rockin:

Have to drive to Ayr, Ont shortly....leave there around 6 pm.....drive to Lake Erie.....then back...

Odds of me getting to Ivor Wynne by 7:15 pm?

Ughhhhhhh!.....maybe by half-time if at all

oh well, depending on traffic, I may let my kids do all the cheering tonight at the stadium and collapse in front of the TV......that's a lot of kilometers in the next few hours.... :roll:

Go Cats Go!....huge game tonight!

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: wake up and quit dreaming :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Ti-Cats up by four . Four seconds on the clock.

Glenn back to pass, Milt Stegal makes a move with four Ti-Cat db's all around him...

hmmm they've seen the movie play. :wink:

Not tonight old Milt!

So, while we wait for the game to start - who is posting from the furthest away?

Good luck ... 'Cats fans

Where's Mikey03?

Van-City here .... but I bet Willie is probably on too

You in NC or Steel City Mr. Y?

Minneapolis, Minnesota--Ticat Fan from afar.

Watching here on webcast, but don't like what I see so far......Winnipeg up 9 nothing and knocking on the door again.

Good to see Fleming get off a good punt. His first was awful, and the fumbled snap, even though the announcer said it was a "three-hopper" looked to me like he shuold have handled it. Hope the last good one gets him going this year!

Eakin sounds like he is lost in the game

What the *** was Fleming doing there!!!! Find a punter!!! That's two turnovers by Fleming in one quarter!!!!

what happened to the team that played montreal ?


Oski Wee Wee,

This game could get ugly

Jerome Erdman has one thing going for him. Special teams coordinators usually do not walk the plank in midseason. That is not an endorsement.

Oski Wee Wee,

Yeehaaa...if it wasnt for the other teams offence we would see no offence......cause ours really stinks.
Drowning myself in drinks to ease the pain.