Tiger-Cats vs blew team Pre-season Play-By-Play Thread

For those going to the game, I hope you have good weather.
For everyone else, it’s streaming time!

This is the place to talk about the game in real-time (sorta).
Many more starters will be playing, so it will be a good barometer for the beginning of the season.

Oskie Wee Wee!

My greatest interest, and concern, is in seeing how our DBs and SAM do against TOR’s pretty strong receiving corps, led by Green, Walker and Edwards. Our D front four should be better this year, but I’m not convinced we’re better, or even as good as we have been, behind that front line.

leaving to the game in 15 minutes…

haven’t been this excited for a home opener in quite some time…

will be on vacation next week (fishing up north with Pops), so I’ll miss the real opener.

Gonna give’r tonight! :slight_smile:

Weather is very nice here in Central Ontario and I assume just as nice in Hamilton! I’ll be watching the live stream here . Just bought tickets to the July 26th game vs the Peggers so I’ll have that to look forward to. A couple of other games I would have preferred attending but I have conflicts with family stuff going on.

Anyway, looking forward to an unblemished preseason record by the end of the evening! GO TICATS!!

I’m new to this live streaming - So , How do I do this ?


Is anybody live stream working mine isn’t…

The livestream isn’t working for me either.

I cant get it either, all acess says no events, crap

Works fine. I have it up on the plasma.

Masoli looks sharp. Nice TD grab by Addison. :slight_smile:

Im watching on my computer and had no problem bringing it up. Using my next to useless tablet for communicating here.

Yes indeed that was nice.

My livestream works now.

Glad to hear it. TO with five kickers probably tossing a coin to see who gets to kick off, punts and kicks FGs

Didn’t hear what the penalty was that resulted in them punting again. Guess they need to work more on recovering on side kicks.

Time for a stop - well maybe not. Glad this isn’t our starting D out there. Time to p!at catch up. Can’t let the blew Team win even in pre-season!

Cheerleaders look great. :stuck_out_tongue: ;D

Ouch picked off. Someone wasn’t in the same page.

There’s one kicker who may well get his walking papers. Msed FG -good for us. Glad to see some starters in there now.