Tiger-Cats vs blew team PBP Thread #3

It’s around 30 minutes to kickoff at BMO field. For those fans that pinched their noses and made the trip down the QEW, you better do your job and make the blew team feel as though they are playing an away game.

That's easy, just put a lot more fans in the seats.

About to put a few snacks together and head down to the old TV. It’s been ahard week and I’m glad I’m not in the cold at BM field tonight.

Looking forward to seeing win #3 over the boatmen tonight - in a decisive fashion! Have heard that the blew guys have won their three games by a GRAND total of 4 points (combined). Ticats need to start this game like they did the last one - fast!

It’s a beautiful night for football! Who else is at BMO?

Not I - fighting traffic to Toronto isn’t my idea of fun! I live north of the city and it’s virtually always busy on 400. Did that last weekend - don’t need to do it again this weekend.

It’s been a while since I could watch a game uninterrupted at home. Last two games I was either away or had company

Nice return by Frankie! Time to put points on the board first!

Or maybe not - this drive has stalled but Hajrullahu is good on his FG. Would have preferred the TD but points are points!

So once again the eye in the sky just arbitrarily changes something…

Toronto gets away with not using a challenge.

Lots of chants of ‘Argoooooossss!!!’ and I have to keep biting my tongue from completing it properly…

Ah yes that is SO hard not to say to reply to the boatmen’s lame chant!

GREAT sack by Cappy! Unfortunately they’re close enough to even the score.

I believe we got a break on that catch by Jones from what I could see.

GREAT catch by Jones and NO I don’t think it hit the ground. Followed by a near interception. Better clean that up!

15 yd line time for a draw play

Depends on which angle you want to go with - the second one it didn't look like it touched the ground!



Yes Tasker!!

Should be able to punch it in - but White gets stopped up and pushed back. Need the TD here…and