I think this will be entertaining and a close one.

Go Tabbies. Make Joseph look bad :slight_smile:

I think
prove it :P

Nice runback by Dorsey...

Hopefully both these teams are slow starters or we're in for a horrible game.

Lovely touchdown being called back.

Is there no longer a penality for intentional grounding?

That's twice now in 2 weeks that the ball was well short of the LOS and no whistle!

and as soon as I post…

TD run Printers!

Hamilton is not looking half bad so far.

KJ looks better then he did last year.

That hit on Joseph was legit

No, as per the rule it was late.

I dunno if I would go that far yet. I think new players need some time before they reach that comfort level with their new team. At this stage I would say the Argo's offense isn't as good as the Rider one he lead last year either.

I do not know Dust he looks more confident and seems to have more time.

Perhaps, but they are approaching halftime against what is supposed to be one of the weaker defenses and they have 6 points.

The play of KJ looks much better in my opinion.

Am I the only one who saw TSN showed it was 9-7 in favour of the Argos earlier on? At first, I thought I just missed a Toronto field goal, but... no Toronto really has 6. Am I crazy or has anyone seen that too?

I did not see it but I haven't been watching every play either.

Sorry I did not see it.