Tiger-Cats vs. Argonauts ROUND 1

The Argos are playing well, but I am not sure I would put them in the same elite class as the Al's yet. I also think, though the Ti-cats have only beaten the Bombers they are going to be fighting hard for that home playoff date. It's been a while since a game between these to clubs has meant anything.

Who going to win and why?

I think this is going to be a close game. With the edge to Argos. Hamilton my have the better team on offence, but the Argos are much more disciplined and have the slight edge on special teams. Defensively the Argos to me have a better secondary but are not as strong in the front.

The Argos are favoured by 2.5 on bet365.com I take the Argos by four.

The other question who ends up with more rushing yards, Cobb or Boyd?

I like the Argos by 9.

Boyd will out rush Cobb.

I picked Toronto also. Should be a dandy tomorrow night as usual. I can't get enough of the Cleo Lemon eye watch show. And of course the running backs for both teams.

I think the series will be split. Toronto will win this week, and then Hamilton will win in two weeks.

Cobb is going to have a big game on Friday, i can feel it. Therefore, TiCats win a close one. Then they spank the Arblows at Ivor Wynne on labour day. :twisted:

I like the argos in that game.
I think the crowd should be pretty good.
The argos are winning, hated Ti-Cats come to town, etc.
The toronto bandwagon has left the station.


Can't wait for Labor Day

For all the fans who are familiar with Lastman's Bad Boy.

Who blows like the Argos?


Ti-Cats by 6

I'm still waiting for someone to say that at Ivor Wynne when they do the little competition on the field of who does it best.

I'd expect it this time, Labor Day is going to be one of our best ever, I can feel it.And it'd be even more crazy then if we won on Friday.
GO CATS GO!!!!!!
IWS chant directed at the Argo's, CENSORED

If I ever get on the field for the Bad Boy promotion, I will say it. The guys and gals I sit with are still kind of dumbfounded that no one has yet.

As for the game, this will be a tough game. It will come down to whether the Cats can contain Boyd and whether the Argos can stop Glenn. I'll say the Cats take 34-31. Sandro kicks one with no time left.

Argos take the first game.. and Cat fans are in for a couple of shocks... how good the Argos really are... and how mediocre their team actually is...

I like both these teams, but I'm cheering for the Argos tomorrow! :cowboy:

Kevin Glenn is on a roll and Hamilton will win this one !

Mediocre eh? One could argue that once they get their ground game going they're as good as anyone else in the league. You've seen their passing game, and the defence isn't any worse than Saskatchewan's.

I have to admit the Ti-cat front four have been playing really well. I think (am hope) this is going to be nail biter.

So given the natural rivalry, and Toronto's resurgence, is there any buzz at all for this game?

I'd say my prediction wass pretty accurate. Cobb wasn't great but he out rushed the amazing Cory Boyd.

not in yards per carry

lol split hairs much???