Tiger-Cats vs Argonauts Game Thread

Almost. It was started by somebody who didn’t want to do the polite thing and send oski a pm asking him to make the change. The same person also didn’t have the stones to start this thread under their regular username. :thdn:

And only one of the "very many people on this forum" who don't like the creative names has bothered to vote in the poll about this topic.

The only thing more ridiculous than starting this thread that I can think of is creating a second account to do so. Which is forbidden in the TOS by the way.

I liked how you state "we" created a new account because "we" didn't want to offend Russell. "We" are the Borg. Resistance is futile. Do you always speak of yourself in plural or do you hear voices in your head. I would guess it's the latter.

Lots of people don't like Russells thread titles because they're confusing? Hogwash. One person has agreed with you so far. One. Where are the 'lots' of people you presume to speak for? How do you know they don't like it. Did they PM you to tell you so?

I personally enjoy the game day thread titles. I hope good ol' oskee oui oui makes his usual game day thread and the discussion takes place within. I certainly won't be reading a thread created by some lunatic who calls The Evil Incarnate by their real name.

Have a great day!!!

no offence but you cant call out the dudes game day threads and follow it up with a lame game day thread! atleast bring something to the table.. post starting lineups injuries etc

blewblewers 1

GO Blacks GO :rockin:

edit.. anyone else like to see the word Toronto filtered out.. its very offensive. Bob, do something about this! DO IT!

Tigercats Vs Argos better heading for sure :wink: Anyways Argos S**k GO CATS GO :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

Agree. IMO, the headings were fine.

We know who's playing and where they will play.

Ticats win by10...

And thus Siggy gets us back on track.

I'm here at home with my Thinkpad waiting eagerly to cheer all the Cat scoring. I just hope that I'm not waiting TOO long.

I'm confused??????????

Is this a topic about Sugar and Yogurt?

WTF does sugar and Yogurt have to do with football???!?!?!?!?!?

Hi folks!

It's ooooookay. Just sit down and take a breath and face your TV. All will becomeclear... :smiley:

Russ..... you're home!


Has anyone seen today's game day thread.... I cannot seem to locate it anywhere...

Russ?? You taking a night off?

Yeah, I felt it necessary to sit back for a while. :slight_smile:

15 minutes to game!

If the Cats secondary plays well, they have a chance. If not, Argos will eat them raw...

There will be no 4th Q heroics this game... the Cats will just not allow it...

It's about 12 minutes until kickoff.
Next week's game will be even more important but as it stands right now this is the biggest game of the season.
If the offence can play like they did in the first 8 games we should have a good chance at winning this, we'll know in a couple hours.
Go Cats