Tiger-Cats vs Argonauts Game Thread

I just found out that Andre Proulx is reffing this game

I change my prediction to, Proulx will find a way blatantly steal this game away from us! :x

I now predict that BIGCAT will blow a nut over the officiating in this game! :wink:


OUCH!!!!! Proulx... :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

LMAO!!!!! BIGCAT!!!!! Officiating..... :wink: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

Can we throw a challenge flag now?

That said, while the referee has the final word on all calls, he is not the one throwing most flags. He is responsible only for flags in the offensive backfield, e.g. holding (hardly ever called, but consistent), roughing the passer (called too often, in my opinion, but usually consistent). Calling pass interference or illegal contact on a receiver is definitely not the referee's responsibility. So don't go complaining about Proulx on those calls / non-calls. Proulx's team, perhaps, but not Proulx himself.

Sorry to say, but too many key players are injured for this one to be close…

Looking forward to the play-offs!

How about a compromise whereby oski's names appear on the line and the real team names are in parentheses? Something like:

Nags vs. Evil Incarnate Oct. 4 2013 (CGY @ TOR)

I enjoy oski's light-hearted monikers and wouldn't want to see them disappear from the Cats forum.

This whole thing was started by a guy with 1 post who just joined to have it changed because it confuses him. :roll:
I say deal with it, Russ has been doing the game day threads for years and done a fantastic job of it.
I would appreciate it if Russ continued in his style.
It is an 8 team league, 4 games a week, how confusing can it possibly be!

I agree that in an eight-team league, keeping track of the names should not be that difficult. Literacy and wit are two of the many things oski-oui-oui brings to the table, and we should value them. :slight_smile:

Bah humbug. Others of us could say that it's a pet peeve that so many on this forum don't want to have a little fun. Come on guys, the thread titles were one thing that made this forum a little less cookie cutter. I for one will look forward to a return to fun titles.

Careful what you say Russ. The language police are out in force. :stuck_out_tongue:

I'm confused by this post.

What I posted in my last post offends me. :wink:

I’m confused that I offended myself. :slight_smile:

Well said. Totally agree. Even when he switches it up with a new term for a team, it's really not that confusing.

What really confuses me is the obvious number of people sending private messages to each other complaining about the names of threads. I mean, I haven't seen any complaints in the threads, so it must be PMs. Right?

And definitely wrong seeing that Arrgh name on the Ticats forum main page. :wink:

Renaming OWW's threads examplifies why the CFL forums are dying.

"I call him Meals on Wheels because, with that speed, he's going to feed a lot of people."

– Hamilton quarterback Henry Burris on wide receiver Dobson Collins, who plays his first game as a Ticat on Friday and should add a downfield threat that's been missing from the Hamilton offence through much of the season.

I'm interested in seeing what he brings to the team tonight, with that speed, a dozen games of CFL experience, and 2 months of practice without playing since his arrival in the Hammer.

i understand why he's confizzled... i totally would have thought gang green would have been the riders... just sayin :wink:


hi russ! whats goin on buddy?

It's all context, my friend. :smiley:

Maybe we should name the teams:

BC Roughriders
Edmonton Roughriders
Saskatchewan Roughriders
Calgary Roughriders
Ottawa Rough Riders
Montreal Rough Riders
Toronto Rough Riders
Winnipeg Rough Riders
Hamilton Tiger-Cats

Gets rid of all confusion because it's easy to see the best team. :smiley:

Some may prefer the:

Saskatchewan GREENWHITES


Hamilton FC
Toronto FFC(any guess is to what the extra "F" is for??) :wink:
Montreal FC
Winnipeg FRUFC(any guess is to what "FRU" is for??) :wink:
Ottawa RBFC(RB is an easy one!!!) :wink:
Saskatchewan FC
Edmonton FC
Calgary FC

oski-oui-oui......Just in case,to advoid all CONFUSION!!!!! I'm with you and behind you 100% :thup: :thup: :thup:

I personally detest Political Correctness and Soapbox Preachers who try to "Stuff" their minority views down the throats of the majority that oppose them :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: