Tiger-Cats Vs. Als Play-by-Play Game Thread: 7/22/2010

No question this is going to be an exciting game.

I have to think our club is viewing this as a "measuring stick" scenario, as how well we can play against the dominant team in the division, and that our guys are going to be really teed up to play well.

Montreal probably isn't terribly pleased with their performance so far this year, and probably has negative feelings about having the Cats in there tonight, as they can understand that we are not the official League doormat anymore.

Lets get it done, right here, right no, and put down this myth that Montreal cannot be beaten on their home field.

Good evening folks!

Ought to be a slobberknocker! :wink:

It is now about t-minus 70 minutes until kickoff. And here is an interesting post from Drew: http://scratchingpost.thespec.com/2010/ ... adium.html

There are a few excerpts there I would like to comment on:

As I reported in my story today, the stadium in Montreal is named after Percival Molson who was killed in WW I and whose estate funded its initial construction. ... TSN's Chris Cuthbert, aware of the stadium's history, says he always tries to call it "Percival Molson Stadium" instead of just Molson Stadium. He and Glen Suitor are doing the game today.
That's also why I always call it [i]Percival[/i] Molson Stadium. And so once again, those watching this on TV don't need to listen to Rod Black. :)
Sandro DeAngelis out here an hour before game time in full gear, including helmet, hitting kicks with his snapper and his holder, going through the full routine each time. I think he's had quite enough of the what's wrong with Sandro talk.
Good to hear that.

The Ticat scratches for tonight:

#26 DB Ray Wladichuk

#99 DT Jermaine Reid

#53 OL Mark Dewit

#38 FB Sam Fournier

It's settled then: build the Pan-Am Games stadium in downtown Montreal! :smiley:

Cats 37
Als 24

The Secondary needs to bring their A game.

TSN''s coverage starts at the top of the clock. :wink:

That's Eastern time of course.

Looking for a Ticat safety to lower the boom on Cahoon :rockin: go cats go -Oskee wee wee Oskee wa wa holy macinaw Tigers Eat Em Raw!! :rockin:

Great story in pre Game by TSN

TSN about to do a Story on Dave Sticky Stalla

I got the Pizza and Beer and now All I need is Ticat Win for Perfect Day :thup:

Man, Schultz does NOT like kickers.

Did Randorf say this was the first time Hamilton met an East Division opponent? Did they move the Winnipeg Blue-Bombers back into the Western Division? :smiley:

I thought this was a 7:30 game tonight. What's with the delay, finishing touches on the renovation?

It the Al’s Season Open I expected it to start late

Oski Wee wee boys

where was the DB on that Play !!!

Sandy again

Going right at the weakness...

Good stop after the Bratton bomb...Duval FG is good, 3-0 Als

Defence Step up Montreal should get 3 here

Did everyone see Bob on the sidelines? Has he ever done that before?

I still Question Not starting Barker now !!!

He the faster of our Safteys