Live on TSN/RDS.

Regardez là!

Well, Hamilton is up 3-0 and just stopped Montreal, hopefully that trend will continue (even though I picked Montreal to win).

I won't be around much, and I'm only listening online for a few minutes before I leave for work, but I figured maybe if I got a thread started, others would fill in some of the details for me so I could get the flow/final score later. It's amazing how difficult it is to find up-to-date information on CFL games online.

3-2 Hamilton. Snap over the punter's head (did I catch that right?) Another great play by Hamilton.

It's supposed to rain soon. It could make it a wild one.

FG Montreal - they're up 5-3 now. And with that, I'm outta here. If someone could just throw quick updates on here, I'd deeply appreciate it! Thanks!

15-11 MTL 30 secs left in half. lumsden is hurt AGAIN.

I've counted about 3 bad snaps so far...

The Ticats are just a mess of a team.

Nice catch by Bauman. They've narrowed the gap. Perhaps too little too late.

A furious comeback by the cats? Could pull to within 1 score here.

Who does Hamilton play next?


Ticats need to win soon. Or Taffe may lose his job.

All props to Richie Williams for making something out of the big fat nothing called by his O.C. Also, are Hamilton's receivers ever going to help their QB out? Would it kill them to break off a route once in a while, come back to the football to pick up a first down?

That Adams guy in the D-line is a beast. Moreno had a good game. And that Rodriguez is a horse.

They played the Als decent enough, if their QB's had just a little more time to throw the outcome of these past 2 would likely have been different.

I think Taffee is the problem did anyone hear hime at the half? "well hopefully we can pull one out here" what the hell is his problem hopefully? your down by 4 friggin points he should be saying "im sure we can pull a win out tonight" like what is he saying in the locker room to these guys? okay everyone kiss your 4 leaf clover and HOPEFULLY we can win. My god pathetic hamilton has the talent but no leadership