Tiger-Cats vs. Alouettes Play-by-Play Game Thread

I thought I'd post this, as it does not seem right to not have a game thread so soon before the opening kickoff.

And yes, I know about the nasty mistake I made the last time I started a game thread. But I was just checking to see who pays attention to this information here. :slight_smile:

WHAT – Tiger-Cats gameday, Tiger-Cats vs. Alouettes

WHO – The Hamilton Tiger-Cats and Montreal Alouettes

WHY – The long-overdue first road win of the Tiger-Cats' in over a year (hopefully)

WHERE – Percival Molson Stadium

WHEN – Thursday, July 20th, at 7:00p.m. EDT

HOW – Television: TSN

Radio – CHML 900KHz AM http://www.900chml.com

All of you who will be attending the game, have fun. But I think the train has left the station by now...

I will be watching the game at home. Enjoy the game everyone! Go Cats!

Oski Wee Wee,

Russ how can that be!!! Here's your favorite team playing in your back yard and you can't attend???!! What's up with that?!

For the record? Okay...

As you can imagine, ticket availability is very difficult here in Montreal with Molson Stadium's limited capacity and consistent sellouts. I wanted to sit in the Ticat fan section for this game to enjoy the game with Hamilton supporters making the train trip here. I contacted a represntative of the Cats indicating that I did not need the train part of the package, just a game ticket.

I was asked to contact the Alouettes ticket office re a single game ticket in the group section reserved by the Cats. I did, and was told to contact the Cats again, which I did.

I was told that inquiries would be made by the Cat representative to see if another ticket could be secured from the Als people....I didn't hear anything back.

The logistics of all this were compounded by the fact that I do not have a credit card, so I wasn't in a position to reserve electronically.

I'm a little too old to be going back and forth like a really bad game of Pong, so I will enjoy the game with a friend here and cheer on the Cats.

Things like this happen, no biggie.

Eat 'Em Raw, Cats!

Oski Wee Wee,

Buy a cheap ticket then go hide among the Ti-Cat fans.

Do it, do it!

I think as fans we sould have a bullet to bite on for tonights game. I sure hope we are starting to gell as a team. Go Cats.

I'll be at home North Carolina watching, so I should get a chance to post here. Hopefully the ticats will give us lots of fun things to talk about!

So when are you inviting me down to North Carolina for a round of golf?

What's the matter? Don't want to come back to Molson Percival for fear of seeing another disastrous penalty-plagued game ? :wink: (Last HML-MTL game was atrocious penalty-wise... for both teams, really)

Not answering for Bob here but he's probably busy nailing plywood across his windows....man, their weather is bad lately....(not that ours is any better here right now....eeek!)

Anyways, let's hope for a huge win!...I know the guys can pull it off!


Pregame on www.900chml.com starts at 6:00 pm (EST) tonight......

Looking forward to a great game. I've invited a few of my fellow season ticket holders to my house to watch it in high definition.
My wife has preparred some nibblies and the beer is cold.

Dang!.......I already had 4 beers so I can't drive there....(PS Rocky.....I got my van back....the courtesy junker/beater is gone!.....lol!)

Bump...pre-game show starts now!..well, after the news....lol


14 minutes and 25 seconds to go hurry up

It's early in the morning
It's game time
Let's Go Cats

What time is it GAME TIME!!

The game is on now

nice catch peterson

radlin time