Tiger-Cats Vs. Alouettes Play-by-Play Game Thread: 7/29/2011

Nice play action....

oh brother.. turn over on the fumble!!

Oh crap. Carter fumbles it away. Good call not not challenge, IMHO.

Almost picked right back by us though.

But Bo doesn't know interceptions. Should have spent more time with the juggling balls.

Bo is winning the battle with Green so far.. keep it up Bo!!

Montreal gets a cheap one

Fumble doesn't hurt us.... except for field position


Well, at least there was two and out as they are kept out of Whyte's range.

Long field ahead. Let's see if we can get it right this time. That was a nice pass and catch until Cox forced fumble.

You make mistakes against the Als you lose!!!!!!!!!

Tough followin this on my bb from the cottage lol but oh well.. argh a turnover, a missed fumble recovery and at least one shoulda INT's... We need to make those big plays to beat the Als!


AC with a BIG run!!!!!!


Rottier with procedure moves us even further back.

But let's see some more of that from OUR AC! Gets us our of hole for FD! Keep stickin' it to 'em!

NICE run by Avon!

No mistake that time. Nice run by Deuces. (Anyone missing Cobb?)

A fumble and a penalty on the first 2 plays, not an auspicious start
Coburne comes back with a big run

Maybe his parents?

Grant almost comes down with a great catch!

Ummm....can Bakari Grant catch a ball? LOL

Blackberry? That must be tough.

Grant can't hang onto deep pass, not improving his chances of sticking around when Mann returns. End of drive. At least we won't concede 2.

Still, Als start just inside our territory.

Hamilton is losing the field position battle, one first down and Montreal is in field goal range. That fumble really put Hamilton in a hole to start.
The Cats need to get control of this game.

Awesome.. the Als look out of sync still... the Tabbies HAVE to take advantage of that!!!!