Tiger-Cats vs. Alouettes Play-by-Play Game Thread: 7/21/2012

Interesting that it's Cuthbert and Forde in the broadcast booth tonight. But I'm fine with that.

Onrea Jones made that special teams tackle? Interesting.

You're GOOD! :smiley:

can Rick Zamperin stops calling stuff like a juvenile trying to sound "Hip" ?

It's an intereception Rick ! ......... NOT AN I.......N......T

Good grief, it gets really old listening to him trying to sound like a really cool Jim Rome talk-show caller !

No Rod Black tonight, what a joy!

Whitaker gains 1, pass to Richardson gains 5.

2 and out, hopefully the first of many forced by our D.

Williams starts us at our 45.

Alright, let's see what offence can do when they have more than 8 yards to go to endzone.

Good to see Burris go deep when he knew he had free play with MTL offside.


Cats have a good drive going here

Chevy goes through hole for 6, gains many more on pass when he was wide open! 18 yard gain!

In FG range!

Hamilton hasn't kicked a field goal in 2 games. That's saying something about the offensive efficentcy

Burris gets it to Chevy with an Al in his face! Impressive.

Then illegal contact makes it 1st and goal from the 5!

And lack thereof. It's like it's either all-or-nothing when offence is out there.

But it's "all" that time as MTL D bites on fake to Walker! TD Stephenson!

Montreal is giving us yards by cheating
They want us to score
And we do


Nice play action for the TD rec. for Stephenson!

I was going to say "Throw the flag! That was a TD. The ball broke the plane."

Never mind. Stephenson with his second TD.

...I love penalties in the CFL !.....the more the better as it gives me a chance to channel surf for something better to watch !

Looks like exactly the same play as Stephenson's first touchdown. Same effect on the defence too. Eventually it's going to stop working. Wonder what the second read on the play is.

The defence needs to pressure Calvillo and get him even more rattled.
We need to keep him off his game

AAAAAH almost another pick for Williams :smiley:

Crap. AC had time, finds Green, and Bucknor makes TD-saving tackle. 54 yard gain.

What's this "short yardage team" they mentioned? Do we have one of those?