Tiger-Cats Vs. Alouettes Play-by-Play Game Thread: 6/22/2011

AC with the 1st down... ooooh that has a nice ring to it!

Sometimes, it's good to be wrong. Ticats ball.

UGH!!!!.. Glenn overthrows a wide open Mann


A couple of close incompletions. Mann was wide open in the endzone, but Glenn overthrew him.

These field goals are frustrating but I can't be too upset, the timing on those throws will come. Hopefully we'll see Mo Mann wide open like that quite a bit this year.

HA.. the Cats chased Cavillo from the game already...lol

I wish they would leave Calvillo in a little longer, those 2 throws he had didn't really provide the best test for our secondary.

And now Als put MacPherson in. A dump and a run for Marc for 1st down. Darn.

I'm thinking he was in longer than they planned, with the fumbles. :smiley:

Ouch! Young got burned badly on that one.

GREAT knock down by MK!!!

Sigh.. TD trolls

Young gets burned then Toney gets burned on 2 straight plays. Both guys playing on the short side of the field.........

Too bad Knowlton couldn't hang on to that knockdown. :wink:

And then Toney gets beat by Bratton, and then by Green.

Somebody get Darren Toney out of there. I said on the first day of camp that he looked awful.

Shivers wraps up Maypray on the return.

And then Toney gets burned deep again.

not liking what Toney is showing us, 3 times already, and Young got burned bad

can we please see C-Rwab and Thomas?


Booooooooooooooo the trolls take the lead

Thomas is in for Dennis on the wide side of the field. Honestly I expect to see him starting on the short side next week instead of Toney. Who plays the short corner spot remains to be seen, but i'd love to see C-Rwab win it