Tiger-Cats Vs. Alouettes Play-by-Play Game Thread: 6/22/2011

Interference on Anderson, Great catch by Aaron Kelly.

Kelly really wants this job. Another good catch down the sidelines.

Cats take the 3... impressive 1st drive

Anybody else cringe when Glenn took that hit?

That run looked too familiar. But Cobourne dropped his shoulder, which Cobb never seemed to do.

Yup. Someone needs to teach him how to hook slide.

First play by D is a blitz. No vanilla here.

That's one of the risks you take when blitzing...,,



That was the PERFECT answer to the Als TD

Not sure it was a blitz. Looked like standard run coverage, and the Als line opened up a huge hole.

And Thiggy gets it righth back. Amazing.

Guess the juggling practice really works. Nice grab, Wladichuk.

It looked to me like Rey Williams and Markeith Knowlton both blitzed.

Anyway.....Ferri fumbles and its OUR BALL

Could be. Definitely both got trapped on the right side.

And the kicking battle is on. Long FG by Wilbur.

Wladichuk had a great camp/pre-season in 09' but went back to school. He just always seems to be around the ball, i'm excited to see what he can do this year when healthy.

Whitaker fumbles, way to rebound JJ!!!!!

Finally Rob Black can stop drooling over Whitaker.

Another fumble, ripped out by Johnson.

I suspect this one's being overturned. Hope not.

Great job by the Cats so far. .they look ready to play