Tiger-Cats vs. Alouettes Play-by-Play Game Thread:10/8/2007

3-0 cats

Not bad 1st Drive like to see 7 but 3 is nice start.

Now, we need to see the D really stuff them!

3 Points is still a positive start
3-0 Ticats

Now it's time For D To Stuff that Calivo Turkey

How many times have we started by kicking 3 points? Heck I predicted it as soon as we got the ball…lol…o well, we’ll c what happens

Keith is a little too anxious to get in there

darn it, offside

nice pressure by the D

Nice Pressure and Great Break up by Lofton

still 3-0 woohoo

ya that was nice by lofton...when did we pick him up? I dont recall hearing anything about him on ticats.ca or sportsnet

yikes sack by MTL not good o-line

man what a horrid kick by Setta

Nick Shanks one for 25 yards


Short series
2 and out

Weak punt by Setta leaves Montreal in good position

Im not liking this

o boy....i dont like the look of this drive