Tiger Cats Unrestricted Free Agents

According to Drew Edwards, the Cats have 5 unrestricted free agents:


Dyakowski and perhaps Williams we need. The others are no factor.
Cedric wants to leave due to lack of opportunities and playing time here. Not sour grapes - just wants to play.

You think we need Williams more than Beveridge??

I don't think there is any reason why we SHOULDN'T re-sign Sandy. Even if it's just because he's a great ST player and
a veteran leader on this team.

Grant is getting a little long in the tooth, but I must admit he did make a positive contribution.

Dyakowski is a must sign.

I'm pretty sure we won't see Cedric back here, but life goes on.

Any word on who our option year players are???

There is no reason why Hamilton shouldn’t be able to re-sign Dyakowski, Williams, and Beveridge.

Williams is an excellent special-teamer and a decent fullback.

It's important to sign Dyakowski but there are already replacements lined up for the others.

Rottier and Zac Carlson on the Oline

Matt Carter as a receiver

Darcy Brown as a fullback

and last year's draft pick Ryan Hinds as a defensive back.

I'd still sign anyone who wants to come back and who works under the salary cap, but other than Dyakowski, the others will be fighting ofr jobs regardless.

Bauman not a free agent ?

Nope.I think they extended him until the end of next season.

Obie resign all of the above. And find 2 or 3 upgrades at C.B. :thup:

I'm very interested to see what Ryan Hind's and Laroche Jackson can do.Laroche had nice stat's in the IFL in '08 and has been on our PR pretty much all season.Hind's if I can recall correctly, was a N/I DB who was DOMINATING the NCAA but decided to return to school for 1 more year.

With this list he noted that they were 5 of the 42 players who dressed for the semi-final. Perhaps he meant 5 of the 46-man Active Roster since Gagne-Marcoux was not one of the 42? That being unclear, it leaves to question perhaps the status of two of the other three players on the Reserve List -- Rodriguez & Gordon. Murphy was the fourth, but as a first year Cat he'd have at least his option year left.

Also, there was no mention of the 10 players on the Injured List. Of them, six were first year -- Boltus, Ball, Haley, Carlson, Carter & Bolden. Not sure what the status is of the others -- Keith, Tre Smith, Robichaud & Barrenechea?

The 6 players on the Practice Roster were all released this week, some perhaps after agreeing to yet-to-be-registered contracts for the next year. But, "officially" they'd be free agents at this point -- Jackson, Ito, Glavic, Spanos, and the two Browns.

I'm more concerned about who's up for FA on the Bombers and the blue team. You know with Andrus and Kelly at the helm there will be a few people wanting to jump ship. A good friend of mine was at the Jack Astors on Front st after the last game in T.O. He was teasing P.K Sam, saying, "Now dont Bruce look so good in black and gold". Sam's reply was something like "Hey my contract is up this year, maybe I'll look good in black and gold too". Can you say stacked receiving corps!?!?!?!

Of tyhe five players listed I beliee there would only be serious interest from other teams for the two O-Linemen-

Dyakowski and Gagne-Marcoux

Of the other three, two were rescured from retirement-

Grant and Williams

The third is definitely on the downside of his career-


Like I said earlier, replacements are already on the horizon.

I like the receivers we have at the moment . Obviously they get open , just look at the passing yards Glen threw for in the last part of the season . If we didnt lead the CFL in yardage the last 4 weeks i`d be very surprised .

Why make changes ? Continuity is a wonderful thing to have especially in the CFL with its big change over . Montreal makes very little changes in their offense and look how consistent they are ( although i would LOVE to see them lose this weekend !!!)

 Glen had confidence in all of them and this was shown with his pass to Bauman on a critical second down on the last drive . He threw a tough pass to Bauman and he caught and held on after taking a good shot after he caugh the ball . Bringing in new guys just for the sake of change isnt going to lead to positive change !!!!

    As for the fee agents , i like all of them but age is a concern with 2 of them and i think they will go younger and i believe that the younger players will earn less money therefore helping with the bottom line .

sorry but after re-watching several plays that were either stopped in the backfield or at the line of scimmage, it was Williams who missed the important block.

I think he's got to go.

Dyakowski Grant and Beveridge should be Resigned the rest can go

Dyakowski is a must sign.

Gagne-Marcoux is as good as gone.

I like the other 3 guys, and hope they are re-signed too.

I think that when Bellefuelle says that this team will not be made up of the same men next year, he may be alluding to Gagne-Marcoux, and possibly a couple of other big names who will be jettisoned because of age/durability/performance. In that category, IMO:


I'm thinking Otis will retire, but Rodriguez and Gordon will be trade bait.

Who I see going:

-Prechae Rodriguez Import WR (trade)
-Lawrence Gordon Import DB (release)
-Corey Grant Non-import WR (release)
-Gagne-Marcoux Non-import OL (trade)
-Sasha Glavic Non-import DB (release)
-Jason Boltus Import QB (release)
-Lamont Reid Import DB (release)
-Jermaine Reid Non-import DL (trade)
-Drisan James Import WR (release)
-Andre Sadeghian Non-import FB (release)
-David Ball Import WR (release)
-Kenton Keith Import RB (release) This is crucial, his hefty 150k contract for doing nothing is restricting us from getting other great players
-Ike Brown Import LB (release)

Plus maybe one or two shocker's that nobody may even think of.
PS. Otis Floyd is likely to return, he wants to return and Obie said he'd like to have him barring trade or retirement.We need his trash talking abilities to intimidate teams :smiley:

I don't think the Ticats will release James, Boltus, Ball and Brown. But KK might get the axe. Forgot about him.

If Gagne-Marcoux is a free agent, and if he wants to leave as I understand he has indicated he does, then he won't be traded. He'll just leave.

There will be a fair load going and some of them may shock you.Who honestly thought we'd be canning Chris Davis or Terry Caulley?Or last off-season Scott Mitchell who did a fairly good job at receiver?Nobody's job is safe and I love it.Why?Because Obie is committed to bringing in better players no matter who we have to toss.Big reason this team was winning this season.Work your magic!In Obie we trust :thup: