Tiger-Cats Transactions...

Well there they are boys and girls...

Saturday, June 21, 2008 - 03:00PM

Hamilton, Ontario – The Hamilton Tiger-Cats have released the following players:

NI FB Michael Giffin
NI OL Eric Ince
NI DL Adam Kania
NI WR Laurent Lavigne-Masse
NI OL Jordan Rempel
IMP OL Gerald Davis
IMP WR Earnest Jackson
IMP LB James Kinney
IMP DB Dennis Mitchell
IMP WR Prechea Rodriguez
IMP LB Cameron Siskowic
IMP DB Bo Smith
IMP DL Byron Tinker
IMP DB Geoff Tisdale
IMP WR Rashaun Woods

Other cuts from around the league include:

The Edmonton Eskimos released the following players:

K/P Warren Kean
S William Loftus
OL Terriss Paliwoda
DL Michael Jean-Louis
OL Daniel Barlowe*
RB AJ Harris*
RB Ron McClendon*
QB Tyler Donovan*
LB TJ Hollowell*
Import WR Greg Prator*
Import WR Jermaine Jamison*
Import WR Keith Stokes*
DB Jonathan Hood
K/P Derek Shiavone
DB Bradley Robinson*
WR Dante Luciani
OL Adam Rogers

(*-import player)

The Calgary Stampeders released the following players:

WR Nate Curry*
DB Jesse Burton*
LB Trey Young*
WR Eddie Montgomery*
OL Tom Dolezel
DL Charleston Hughes*
CB Crance Clemons*
DL Hakeem Kashama
R Reggie Williams*
DB Sean Manning
FB Jonathan Lapointe
DB Willie Byrd*
DB Milton Collins*
WR Greg Hetherington
WR James Banks*

(*-import player)

Do some of the released players end up on the practice and injured roster?

No real suprises.
I am sure Rempel or Ince will go on the reserve.
Masse will go back to school.
Jackson will be asked to go on the reserve list.

More to come!


The Montreal Alouettes have released the following players:

Kevin Richardson, RB
Corey Jenkins, LB
Terry Firr, SB
Jimmy Sutton, DB
Chris Smith, LB
Chris Jennings, RB
Brandon Whitaker, RB
DeAndre Jackson, CB
Robbie Powell, G
Ryan Karhut, G
Chris Van Zeyl, DT/G
Randy Hand, T
Brad Smith, SB
Keith Godding, SB
Jesse Mahelona, DT
Ryan Lucas, DT

Too bad for guy did't make it ..

Cuts S U C K but it part of life

There must have been some truly difficult decisions in making these cuts. I thought Kinney had a good shot at making this team.
Lavigne-Masse and Rodrigues, I thought, also performed well.

Unfortuanately, the "numbers game" must be played and we'll soon see if the right decisions were made. A very unenviable position for the coaches and GM.

Salute, to Dickerson and Bekasiak for changing positions and hanging onto their jobs. :thup:

I thought Trey Young was very good last year...

2007: Dressed in 18 regular-season games, recording 69 tackles, four interceptions, three fumble recoveries and eight special-teams tackles He had a fumble recovery for a touchdown at Montreal on Aug. 9. Young had a huge month in July, recording two interceptions in a game at Toronto on July 12 and again against B.C. on July 28. Young also caught a 39-yard touchdown pass from Brett Ralph on a fake field goal against Toronto on July 21. He notched three seven-tackle games, the last coming versus Montreal on Oct. 27 and added a game-leading eight tackles in the West semifinal at Saskatchewan.

Now I don't want our team to be that revolving door we were last season but if players like Trey are available could we possibly sign him?

Who do think will be Pratice Roster
I think where allowed 7

NI WR Laurent Lavigne-Masse
NI OL Jordan Rempel
IMP WR Earnest Jackson
IMP DB Dennis Mitchell
IMP WR Prechea Rodriguez
IMP DB Bo Smith
IMP DB Geoff Tisdale

Seeing Barker on Non Injury list makes wounder if it was a Sprain.

Masse, P-Rod green players would be great on the practice roster.

BC cuts 5
QB Gino Guidugli
DB James Bethea
OL Clint Stickdorn
WR Dedrick Poole
DL Tory Collins

Montreal Cuts
The following players have been released:

23 Richardson, Kevin RB

29 Jenkins, Corey LB

32 Firr, Terry SB

38 Sutton, Jimmy DB

39 Smith, Chris LB

42 Jennings, Chris RB

44 Whitaker, Brandon RB

49 Jackson, DeAndre CB

50 Powell, Robbie G

60 Karhut, Ryan G

62 Van Zeyl, Chris DT/G

64 Hand, Randy T

87 Smith, Brad SB

89 Godding, Keith SB

94 Mahelona, Jesse DT

97 Lucas, Ryan DT

The following players have been added to the injury list (one week):

8 Brady, Marcus QB (shoulder)

17 Hendrix, Jesse DB (ankle)

20 Proulx, Matthieu FS (hamstring)

21 Imoh, Mike RB (calf)

26 Kashama, Alain RE (knee)

33 Payton, Jarrett RB (ankle)

35 Vilimek, Mike FB (knee)

59 Bourke, Josh T (knee)

84 Thurmon, Elijah WR (knee)

86 Cahoon, Ben SB (quad)

93 Ellis, Kai LB (knee)

The following players have been added to the injury list (nine weeks):

1 Santos, Ricky QB

52 Keeping, Jeff DT

55 Seagraves, Skip T _______

The team roster on this website currently lists 52 players. There is only room for one more player unless some of the listed players are placed on the injured reserve list.

Did Leak make the Als roster. :oops:

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers have released the following players:

#14 Willie Amos, DB
#22 Greg Moss, DB
#20 Kevin Garrett, DB
#37 Sebastian Clovis, DB
#33 Brad Newman, LB
#46 Dwayne Slay, LB
#68 Kyle Sleightholm, OL
#65 Bruce McCaleb, OL
#62 Riley Clayton, OL
#17 Willie Foster, WR
#10 O’Neil Wilson, WR
#87 Aaron Fairooz, WR
#92 Brian Guebert, FB
#96 Don Oramasionwu, DL
#90 Nick McNeil, DL
#39 Joe Lobendahn, LB
#38 Marc Beswick, DB
#18 Cleve McCoy, QB
#84 Dan Sheldon, WR
#24 Daryl Stephenson, RB
#43 Jordan Matechuk, LB
#79 Brian Monroe, P
#93 Josh Miller, DL
#21 Casey McGahee, WR
#36 Art Thomas, LB

Blue Bomber Transactions

[url=http://www.bluebombers.com/images/stories/bomberlogonews.gif]http://www.bluebombers.com/images/stori ... gonews.gif[/url]

WINNIPEG, MB – The Winnipeg Blue Bombers announced the following transactions on June 21, 2008.

The football club has released:

#14 Willie Amos, defensive back

#22 Greg Moss, defensive back
#20 Kevin Garrett, defensive back

#37 Sebastian Clovis, defensive back
#33 Brad Newman, linebacker

#46 Dwayne Slay, linebacker
#68 Kyle Sleightholm, offensive lineman

#65 Bruce McCaleb, offensive lineman
#62 Riley Clayton, offensive lineman

#17 Willie Foster, wide receiver
#10 O’Neil Wilson, wide receiver

#87 Aaron Fairooz, wide receiver
#92 Brian Guebert, fullback

#96 Don Oramasionwu, defensive lineman
#90 Nick McNeil, defensive lineman

#39 Joe Lobendahn, linebacker
#38 Marc Beswick, defensive back

#18 Cleve McCoy, quarterback
#84 Dan Sheldon, wide receiver

#24 Daryl Stephenson, running back
#43 Jordan Matechuk, linebacker

#79 Brian Monroe, punter
#93 Josh Miller, defensive lineman

#21 Casey McGahee, wide receiver
#36 Art Thomas, linebacker

The football club has placed the following players on the disabled list:

#60 Ibrahim Khan, offensive lineman
#85 Milt Stegall, wide receiver

The football club has placed the following player on the 9-game injured list:

#95 Matt Kudu, defensive lineman

The Blue Bombers will announce their practice roster on Sunday, June 22.

I think that with Miles, Bauman, French, Woodcock, Ponder, Mitchell and Cohen all making the receiving corps, we will really be able to stretch the field this year.