Tiger-Cats Transactions: June 10 and 11

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats announced the following transactions today:

Released IMP WR Amarri Jackson
Signed NIP WR Scott Valberg

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Not surprised by Jackson, fans from his school don't speak too highly of him as a player.

That's too bad, I was hoping for alot outta the kid.
Let's hope this Valberg can step it up and not get released again.
This Sunday, popular to contrary belief is NOT a pre-season game.
It's war with the Argo's, and the first rule of being a Ticat... YOU DO NOT LOSE TO THE ARGO's :cowboy:

Re: Derw, Jackson was hurt "the kid" may be called back. :frowning:

I think not! They brought Valberg back. Was there today he was wearing #80 and look pretty good i must say!
So my question is why was he cut 5 days ago and then brought back?

Valberg is back and they gotta show this kid some love, he knows the Canadian game and has a all-star resume with it, lit the league up for queens yards, touchdowns and receptions. Let 80 play.

PLAY 80 PLAY :thup:

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats announced the following transactions today:

Signed IMP LB James Hargrave
Released IMP LB Corey Smith

[url=http://www.ticats.ca/article/tiger-cats-transactions-june-11]http://www.ticats.ca/article/tiger-cats ... ns-june-11[/url]

Hargrave is not on the roster didn't they cut Hargrave now he's back, has Obie been smoking Astor Turf. :? :oops:

naaah... It's just Obie being masterful at managing the TC roster. He cut's someone, tells them to hang around while he gets a second look at someone else. Then brings 'em back.

Just for God's sake don't send him to the Riders. They've got enough Cdn receivers as it is!!!