Tiger-Cats Trade With Lions - DB J. Dennis for LB D. Haley

[url=http://www.ticats.ca/article/tiger-cats-make-a-deal-with-lions]http://www.ticats.ca/article/tiger-cats ... with-lions[/url]

coming our way is DB Jerome Dennis

Looks like a little shuffle of the deck chairs.
Haley was not going to get a chance here with Knowlton, Floyd, and Johnson as the import LBs.
Auggie, Carter, and Mariuz dressed as Canadian back-ups and ST guys it looked like a log jam at the LB spot.
I did like Haley and he can start in this league.
It seems a little bit ironic that we are trading an import LB to B.C. when it is the B.C. 3 that are our import LB starters.

Good Trade IMO..

Back up material or camp competition...Nothing more...

Move along now...

what was the point of this post?

What was the point of your post? lol jk.. I guess he means or thinks we're set with the db's we have.

I liked Haley, I think he has a lot of potential and would have been good depth if one of our line backers goes down, I know nothing of this new guy and I'm kind of getting tired of us adding nothing but former Lion players to our roster. It's just as bad as Marshall and former Mac guys.

I agree about Haley, he played as good as Otis Floyd did last year when he started. Now we don't seem to have any real MLB backups.

The difference between mac guys and Lions players is differen't in a lot of ways, one is the lions guys work!

Ok I'll say it...we should have got more.

Me too, Drexl, he proved that last season
when Otis was out with that head injury

I know nothing of this new guy.

and I'm kind of getting tired of us adding
nothing but former Lion players to our roster.

I know nothing of them either, Drexl, but Obie does,

and I like the Cats picking up American guys with
three or four years of apprenticeship in the CFL

who immediately crack out starting line-up
like Markeith Knowlton and Jamall Johnson did.

It's even better when we get players from B.C., Drexl,

because Obie has inside knowledge of these guys.

Did you mind it when we picked the experienced
over-the-hill veteran linebacker named Otis Floyd

who it turned out had lots of fuel left in his tank?

It's just as bad as Marshall and former Mac guys.
Do you really think so, Drexl?

Slow news week...how may days till camp opens? :expressionless:

I too liked Haley but I like the trade. We get a guy of the same age, with more CFL experience who's also an established ST player to be at least a back up, in an area where the depth isn't as good as it is at LB. And, I agree with rftt's thoughts on Obie's attraction to Lions -- he knows what he's getting, how they'll fit in and, so far, the old lions have looked good with stripes. I imagine Dennis commands a few more dollars than Haley did, but likely not enough to question this trade.


Great Trade, way to go Bob! :rockin:

If listen to Obie http://www.ticats.ca/video/index/id/10755
He Talk about signing Two more MLB for Camp

Obie know his stuff
I think He know one of these LB is going to Pan out.

Almost every Lion who Obie has traded for (who has made the team on the active roster) has played great. I'm all for Obie bringing these guys in.

Chances are if Haley plays regular for Wally he'll become one of the best MLB's in the league. Maybe Obie owes Wally a little bite. :wink:

I think we did give him that already with last years playoff loss

I liked what I saw from Haley last season. But we may have another rookie MLB on the way in to take his place. And I hope so, as I wonder how much longer Floyd can play.

One thing I should point out about the Dennis we acquired (not the one we traded) is that he can be used on returns. Here is an interesting quote from him from this article: http://www.canada.com/vancouversun/news ... 4760bb56fb

In my sophomore year at Utah State [2003], I ended up seventh in the nation in kick return yardage. I can shoot the gap. I don’t know if the Lions realize that. I’m waiting for an opportunity here.

You know, trade a depth LB for a depth DB.
Same sort of value. Same old deck chair just put in a different spot on your deck.

'Shuffle the deck chairs' is usually associated with the sinking of the Titanic; another is 'while the band played on'. Both bring to mind the frivolity of doing seemingly normal things while ignoring an upcoming catastrophe. This would be a better analogy for the blue team than either CFL felines.