Tiger-Cats trade first, third rounder to Als for Bomben

This is Bomben`s latest twitter reaction:

Want to thank the @MTLAlouettes and especially @PoppJim for 5 great years in Mtl! A lot of great people that will definitely be missed.

Popp was a gentleman and dealt him to his hometown even if it is the Als biggest division rival, instead of out west.

I still dont like breaking up the o-line chemistry, Perrett and Green have expressed shock. If it was going to be a salary cap issue, why didnt Popp trade the rights to Blake when he agreed to join the CFL? It`s not as if Blake is playing for peanuts.

Sheldon (the negative guy on the forum)

Some teams have to replace two to three O-linemen in a single offseason, playing on a line with questionable talent. We have ONE guy to replace at the position where it's easiest to transition new guys in (guard). I think we'll be fine. As Jim said, we wouldn't have made this deal if we didn't have the quality O-line depth to replace Bomben.

Bomben a toujours été un joueur dévoué qui a donné le meilleur de lui-même pour l'équipe et la commaunuté. Il nous manquera certainement.

Cela dit, les Alouettes ont tant de profondeur à la ligne offensive qu'ils pouvaient se permettre de transiger un bon joueur comme Bomben. On peut potentiellement voir en Ryan White un successeur éventuel de Perrett. Blake a probablement fait ce qu'il fallait pour que les Alouettes estiment qu'ils pouvaient se permettre de bouger de ce côté. Il ne faut pas non plus perdre de vue que les Alouettes peuvent compter sur d'autres bons joueurs comme Matte et Piotrowski. Si les Alouette n'avaient pas perdu Bomben dans le prochain entre-saisons, ils en auraient sans doute perdu un des autres par la même occasion.

C'est une décision que je peux comprendre, malgré toute l'appréciation que j'ai pour Bomben. Je lui souhaite beaucoup de succès contre tous les adversaires des Alouettes. :wink:

Ryan Bomben aura 28 ans ce samedi. Philip Blake a 29 ans. Aura 30 ans le 27 novembre 2015.


Excellent summary. And Ryan's ratio usefulness to Hamilton just evaporated, since one of their other starting OL just announced his retirement on Twitter. :lol:

Joel Reinders was not and never had been a starter for the Cats. He was a backup at best, sometimes not even dressing. Peter Dyakowski and Mike Filer were the two guaranteed o-line starters for the Cats, with Tim O'Neill being a possible starter before the trade for Bomben. Now it will be Dyakowski, Filer and Bomben starting, with O'Neill being the sixth lineman. The other two starters, both internationals, will probably be Brian Simmons (arguably the best offensive lineman in the division and league last year) and Joel Figueroa. Reinders would have been in the mix for a backup spot, but he was never going to start.

Oh, I know that now; I posted that comment before reading some posts in the Hamilton section and realizing he was essentially a backup.