Tiger-Cats trade first, third rounder to Als for Bomben


You have to take calculated risks,' Alouettes GM Popp says of CFL draft

Popp converts a potential UFA into a 1st and a 3rd and opens a spot for some of the OL depth to fight for a starting job.

An offensive lineman will definitely be taken in round 1.

Good trade for both teams.


As I wrote in the Cats' forum, good trade for both teams. We have all the starters we need now, so rather than be forced to release a player for nothing, flip Bomben, let Blake fill his spot, and draft a lineman for future need (i.e. when Bourke or Perrett call it quits). We get picks to boot.

With pick 8, if he's still available, I'd take a flyer on Covington

I think Blake steps into that RG spot with PIotrowski as the backup. What's interesting here is that we now only have three guards on the roster. Have to figure Jim will draft a guard tonight.

Not a bad idea. I haven't followed the draft enough to have an opinion on who we should pick. I trust Jim's judgment. :slight_smile:

Apparently Jacob Ruby (#8 pick) is a former TE; sounds familiar

Not sure I understand why Popp would trade a relatively still young proven stud o-lineman like Bomben, for potential that there is no guarantee will fully develop. Unless he tried extending him and feared losing him in free agency after the 2015 season.

Not a fan of this trade at all. You don’t disrupt the chemistry of your starting o line like this. Also Popp just fixed the Cats main flaw. I think the real reason for this was cap centric. So it’s very possible Popp hade to move one. Not sure he moved the right one. Would have much prefer ed this get sorted out trough camp.

I have some reservations for the division rival thing. I was surprised to see Jim fixing Hamilton's O-line problem when other western teams would likely have been receptive to a trade. Having said that, Bomben is one player. Hardly a chemistry disruption to replace him, given that White and Piotrowski have been with the team a while. Then there's Blake, whom they must really like if they were willing to trade Bomben. Also, it's possible that Bomben was the player Austin wanted, the proven guy. I'm not terribly worried. Yes, we solved Hamilton's ratio problem for them, but Bomben won't be playing on the same O-line run by the same coaches. Part of what makes our O-linemen consistently successful is continuity and system, which aren't always present on other teams.

I mean, for us, replacing one guy feels like a big chemistry disruption, but we replaced two guys last year (Bomben replacing Flory, Matte replacing Woodruff) and it worked out fine, even with yet another new position coach (Sweet). So replacing one guy when the replacements aren't green (White or Blake) shouldn't be an issue.

This trade was a win/win for both-sides IMO. The Cats get a much needed Cdn O-Lineman to fill a pressing need and a local boy to boot and the Al's get 2 additional picks in what is considered a deep draft and the opportunity to move a young player up the ladder into the starting rotation on the line. :thup:

Actually we are making room for a player who is 2 years older and hasn't played a meaningful down of football in over 3 years and a down of cnn football in 7 years...

Fixes an immediate problem for your team but for us it is a couple lottery tickets that may or may never pan out.

Ryan Bomben would have been a free agent next February; I am positive that the Als tried to extend him last winter,with no luck. Rather than lose him with nothing in return, they make the trade and pick 2 young offensive tackles. Good trade for both teams.


Rhetorical question - Did Popp make the trade expecting to be able to draft Danny Groulx? The Eskimos picked him at No. 7 just ahead of the Als 2nd pick.

But you're acting as if Blake is the only option we have. That's far from the case. We've got Piotrowski (24) and White (28), both of whom should be in the mix to replace Bomben at RG. And you yourself seemed to be happy with the Blake signing when it happened. Why are you making me be the positive guy? :smiley:

Fixes an immediate problem for your team but for us it is a couple lottery tickets that may or may never pan out.
It could fix Hamilton's immediate problem, or it could not. It all depends on how well that O-line can gel, and if Bomben gets injured, they're right back to having to start an international at his position...

The more I think about it, the more likely your scenario sounds. Popp wouldn't be looking to give away a piece of our offensive line to a rival unless he knew that said piece was going to leave anyway, most likely to the same division rival (since Bomben lives in Hamilton). So he made the best of the situation by getting two picks out of Hamilton and stockpiling OL talent for the future.

I'm not worried. Whoever replaces Bomben at LG is going to step into a veteran unit with plenty of continuity, and this time around, no new O-line coach! White didn't look bad last year at all on the occasions when injury gave him a chance to start. My feeling is it's either him or Blake, with Piotrowski as the sub.

Sure... that's why he's shocked and his wife livid...

Absolutely no proof his wife is livid, dude. She just no-commented the situation, likely because she's six months pregnant and who on earth wants to think about changes like this when you're expecting a child?

Bomben is shocked because the trade happened late but he certainly knew something was coming, as per Herb, when we signed Philip Blake.

No proof either that he wanted to bolt in free agency. .
Edm is still here.

I don't have a problem with the value. Just not a trade I would have made.

No, but Richard has a point: if Bomben wanted to stay, it's very likely that Jim would have extended him this past winter.