Tiger-Cats throwing lifeline to University of Waterloo

Tiger-Cats want to lend a hand to Waterloo

'Tough to rebuild'

By Mark Masters, National Post June 24, 2010 Comments (1)

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats may figure in a plan to help the University of Waterloo football program survive a one-year suspension. But the president of the Canadian Football League club, Scott Mitchell, wants assurances from the school that it is serious about bringing back the program.

"The Ticats would be willing to do a great deal if we knew that the commitment from the administration was there to make sure that any commitment on our behalf was worth doing," Mitchell said. "We have a million different ways to spend our time and resources and we're not going to spend it on somebody who is not serious about building a credible and good football program."................(cont'd)

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Thanks for the link. :thup:

I'm not surprised that the Ticats would be willing to help...AND GOOD FOR THEM! :thup: :thup:

The black and gold helping the black and gold! I love it!!

Yes, thanks for the link. I have my doubts whether the Univ. Waterloo really wants to continue their football program though, I honestly do.