"Tiger-Cats take a gander at a pair of veteran receivers"


If they can still play, these are two hometown boys that could help our young guys develop. It doesn't hurt to take a look, if these guys can still help our team and make us better I'm all for bringing them aboard.

There is no way the Cats should sign Stala. From what he says in the Edwards piece, Stala HIMSELF doesn't even know if he is really healthy.

Grant might get a look at TC.

It'd definitely be great to have Corey Grant on our team, guarentee some depth in the receiving core

A shame about Stala, always really liked him but injured a lot. Yes, Grant maybe more a possibility.

I am not sure why the team did not re-sign Pat Woodcock.
He was a reliable veteran capable of playing ST and backing up Bauman.

I noticed that the team released Earnest Jackson.
He was that big target that Obie thought would really develop for the Cats.

Why not sign Stala?

No risk if he can't play but the upside is significant if he can.

MTL was prepared to take a chance and re-sign him but couldnt agree on a price.

The competition for receiver will be very stiff I cant see these guys making it. Sad to see a young talent like Jackson cut because hes American and then sign one or both of these guys. :roll:

If you sign him and his foot breaks in week one, you’re on the hook for his salary for the year.

Guranteed contract?
Given Stala’s history whatever contract he signs, which wont be much anyway, will be heavy with performance incentives, games played etc.

If he craps out early again Obie wont be on the hook for much of anything.

I think that the fact that we have a maximum number of players we can bring in to camp, should make us much more wary of signing guys who have injury concerns. I'd really hate to see us have someone take up a spot in camp (thereby forcing us to cut someone else) and then not pan out due to injuries. That and I just don't like Grant. :smiley:

I know these Canadian WR's But like see bring in VET American like Flick.

They are only being brought in as Canadian depth. In any event, they are both role players. I hope that a talented rookie (ones we've supposedly been hearing about), don't lose a camp spot for a couple of mediocre veterans who may or may not have something left. At this point, we need impact receivers. Most of our receivers are role players as it is, besides Prechae and Davis. We need at least one more impact guy out there, preferably someone with speed to burn. Just my opinion though. I guess Canadian depth can help, but nobody's betting the farm on these guys.

Or a prairie muffin. :wink:

I am very surprised you guys haven't gone after Elijah Thurmon. IMO he's what you need to round out your receiving corps: a big, reliable possession receiver who can be effective running short and intermediate routes in the slot.

Obie has a plan in place for what he wants the roster to look like and whose likely to be a difference maker here. Thurmon either isn't fitting into Obie's plans or he's just on the back burner atm.

I've wondered about Thurmon myself.............perhaps that injury was far more serious than thought, and that is making teams shy away from him. Can't explain it otherwise.

One positive with Grant (apart from his birth certificate and overall CFL experience) is that he is has worked with Gibson in Saskatchewan and probably has a good handle on any schemes Gibson will be re-using.

Good point. Maybe it also explains why Thurmon isn't getting interest from any CFL team. I thought for sure Hamilton or Toronto would have signed him by now.

Look if they are healthy why not! Just outstanding that they still might not make the team after train camp! They will challendge the younger guys pretty good!

This article in today's Vancouver Province reports that Dave Stala worked out for the Ticats last Monday and the Eskimos are flying him to Edmonton for a workout this Saturday. Alouettes Assistant GM Marcel Desjardins states that Stala is unlikely to return to Montreal and "It looks like he'll sign in Hamilton."

[url=http://www.theprovince.com/sports/Stala+auditions+clubs/1527500/story.html]http://www.theprovince.com/sports/Stala ... story.html[/url]