Tiger-cats STAYING in Hamilton


The Tiger-Cats look like they’ll be staying in Hamilton after all.

Team owner Bob Young, and Hamilton Mayor Bob Bratina have called a joint news conference for Tuesday morning where they will discuss a stadium solution that will see a new building built in the same area where the Ticats’ current stadium, Ivor Wynne is located.

While the renovations are made at Ivor Wynne, it is believed the Tiger-Cats would play one season at Roger Centre in Toronto.

The compromise solution would still need to be approved by Hamilton city council on Wednesday.

The two sides have until Feb 1 to reach an agreement, as a large amount of money to build the new stadium is coming from the Toronto 2015 Pan-Am Games committee.

the cats claim they can’t make profit or break-even at the current location of IWS, because it lacks highway access and parking…yet they are agreeing to build a new stadium at the same location as IWS!!!..still no highway access. still no parking.
this has been a colosal waste of time.
might as well just agreed to play at the West Harbor location the city prefered.

still crap area of town. still can't put on grey cup games there. still can't host concerts there. still no space to open shopping complex.

im beyond steamed.

apparently, north stands will remain, and south end and endzone stands will be replaced...

this is a nightmare.

I don't care what it look's like, they're staying at that's all that matters to me.I'll catch the cup in T.O. if I wanna see it that badly.

Now tell us how you really feel drummer_god. :wink:

This is very.... anti-climatic.

We'll stay at Ivor Wynne: Young
The Hamilton SpectatorNEW IVOR WYNNE

Mayor Bob Bratina and Ticat owner Bob Young back a plan to rebuild Ivor Wynne Stadium.
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.Ticat owner Bob Young and Mayor Bob Bratina have unveiled a plan to demolish and rebuild Ivor Wynne Stadium as a home for the football team for the next 20 years.

The pair announced at a press conference Tuesday that the team is willing to stay in its longtime home if improvements are made. Those include demolishing and rebuilding the south stands and improving the north side.

?This is not the best solution for us,? Young said. But he added it’s one the team is willing to work with.

The Ticat owner said that team partners Molson-Coors, Primus and Tim Hortons have agreed to provide money for the renovated stadium.

...seems reasonable enough, the Ti-cats long history will continue on sacred ground...

It's not perfect, but it's compromise that most fans and citizens can live with. Looks like my one year boycott of all things Bob Young is almost over, and a Ticat avatar will soon be replacing my little question mark...

Agreed DG. Just when you thought things couldn't get anymore ridiculous, they just did!!! :x
The Ivor Wynne site has none of the attributes that the Ticats were looking for to make the project financially successful. This is the one site that the West Harbour beat. At least WH is somewhat close to the downtown! The access issues could have at least been worked on there! (i.e. widening of access roads, better public transit options). Even Bob Young is admitting this isn't the best solution.

There's no place like home! the ghosts of Ti-Cat players long gone can rest easy now :smiley:

oh quit your whining..

all they need to do is make the stands further apart, give more room on each sideline.. make things better and work at it more. they need to get the City involved more and market this team like crazy.

it'll work.

Add some luxury boxes in the new stands, better concessions and bathroom facilities, fix-up both the home AND visitors dressing room (air conditioning and hot water for the visitors would be a start) and, I agree, things will be better.

while we're at it, blow up the neighbourhood around IWS. thats the most needed improvement.

I KNOW! :stuck_out_tongue:

make it a dome, with state of the art sound and video!

each seat should be extra cushy and have cup holders with electrical ports for head sets!

and have a little compartment to put your jacket!


You know, I'm glad they finally worked out a deal and that the Cats will be staying in Hamilton... but Bob Young is dreaming if he thinks he can host a GC with 25,000 seats. :?

I've read in a couple places that they plan to make it expandable to 35,000 to 40,000 for Grey Cups. Don't feel like looking for a source.

West Harbour:

  • onsite parking spots, with the ability to add more.
  • closer to the highway (403)
  • Potential for new businesses & uses for the stadium (concerts, etc)
  • brand new structure

Ivor Wynne:

  • Parking on front lawns
  • About 5km from the highway (RHVP)
  • little to no opportunity for other events such as concerts
    -re-vamped old stadium that has already been renovated several times

I’m not Tiger-Cat fan and I live in Alberta so I may not have the strongest opinion but personaly as a fan of the CFL I’m glad things were resolved!! The last thing the CFL needs at this point when things are going so well is a team being relocated!! Sure the sercumstances aren’t perfect but we as a leauge still have a franchise in Hamilton!!! :rockin: :thup: :cowboy:

That's because one doesn't exist. There's no way you can expand 25,000 to 40,000 with temp seating and make it comfortable, safe and respectable. Hamilton will never host another Grey Cup under the current stadium plans.