Tiger Cats speak to Winnipeg about acquiring Charles Roberts

Sources have told me that on Monday the Tiger Cats put a offer for Blue Bombers RB Charles Roberts.

It was worth a shot, since Roberts is furious about the offense he is currently with, and even walked out early after the game last Friday.

I have not heard of the trade proposal, but I heard also that the Blue Bombers inquired about the status of Jason Maas.

But with Kevin Glenn returning, a trade seems doubtfull.

yea.... cause an RB is JUST what this team needs.

:roll: :roll: :thup: :roll: :x

What about holmes for roberts!Holmes said already he is gone after this year!Roberts is a great replacement!

No, no, no - if they want Maas for Roberts, let's do it, although I guess we need to find out if Holmes has plans on returning here next year, as you say. Then yes, let's get Roberts.

Looks like there is actually two born every minute.

i agree with Ockham

McMahon - go disturb another team's forum. your info is garbage. Where were you yesterday when everyone was making their predictions on the new GM...we never got a "BREAKING NEWS" story from good ole' reliable McMahon informing us the good news before it happened.

Hey McMahon,

Is this information that was passed from "high sources" once again? Or were you high this time around. Go take your crap elsewhere bro!

man ya a joke. but if we could make that roberts for mass id be lovein it

What ever happened to "Steeltiger", I'm sure McMahon must know. :wink:

I think we may need to relax a bit with regards to McMahon. I realize that a lot of his "sources" are never cited or reliable, and that the forum moderators want us to provide evidence, but it does do one thing on these DISCUSSION forums. That being to create DISCUSSION.

Even if there is no evidence that these trade talks existed, it is sort of an interesting topic. Charles Roberts eh? He certainly is dynamic ... But what would we have to give up? Hmmm ...



McMahon is 0 for 170 in Breaking News (being correct)... and counting!!

I would have to agree with HalfTheDistance on this one. McMahon our on-the-best reporter/player schmoozer does not report anything of substance that can be verified.

If you guys really wanted McMahon to stop posting you'd just ignore him. But that wouldn't be any fun would it.

funny how one guy has everyone talking.
Fact or fiction this person is creative

  1. Complete fiction, period.
  2. Aggravating BS'ers force you to comment!
  3. He has everybody talking... ya about how much of a lying dick he is, not about football! :expressionless:
  4. Nobody in the Bomber organization was talking to Hamilton about Charles Roberts.

Brendan Taman to Marcel Desjardins "I hear you're in the market for another RB, to make it an even 10 on your roster. We've decided here in Winnipeg to go without a RB because they want the ball too much."

Sounds reasonable to me!

Desjardins to Taman " Can I get back to you I have to talk to McMahon my expert insider on this one"

I'm surprised anyone remembers Steeltiger. There was another one similar to him, but I forget his name.

Steeltiger was more of a conspiracy theorist than a rumour monger, though.

topcat1 i beleive...

although his main agenda was getting tommy denison a job.