Tiger-Cats Sign Three On 'D'

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats announced today that the team has signed import linebacker Brandon Denson as well as defensive backs Derek Douglas and Darren Toney.

For more info: Tiger-Cats Sign Three On ‘D’ – Hamilton Tiger-Cats

Highlights of Denson and Douglas can be seen here: http://bit.ly/8ZQCXp

OMG ahaha like 5 seconds after I make a post about us not signing anybody in such a long time.Good signings, wonder what Douglas could've done if he weren't injured early on.

Nice is see some help on the back end :thup:

Sorry to See AJ Harris Cut but We have crowded backfield

....wait, there's more

Equipment Staff
Drew Strohschein ---- Equipment Manager
Gary Carrotte ---- Assistant Equipment Manager

Training Staff
Kevin Phillips ----- Head Athletic Therapist
Carly Vandergrient ---- Assistant Athletic Therapist


Another Linebacker?? Oh well I guess we'll see how that works out.

I called the Derek Douglas one like a few weeks ago. :cowboy:

This Toney Guy started in BC all year in 2009 in his rookie year including 2 playoff games . That is great but I hope he is a CB ...No interceptions though :slight_smile:

i looked up BC lions depth chart in 2009 and Toney started at WHB..WEAK SIDE HALFBACK

I hope one of these new guys can play corner maybe Thomas or Francis

We can also you some Dline and receiver candidateas

Training camp fodder probably. Difficult to imagine how an import LB will be able to beat out Knowlton, Johnson, or Williams, but hey you never know.