Tiger-Cats Sign Quinton Porter To Contract Extension

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats announced today that import quarterback Quinton Porter has signed a contract extension with the Ticats through the 2012 season.

Porter, a 6-5, 228-pound native of Portland, Maine, has thrown for 3,408 yards and 17 touchdowns in three seasons with the Black and Gold. The Boston College product has also ran the ball 107 times for 696 yards and six rushing touchdowns.

For more info: http://www.ticats.ca/article/quinton-po ... n-hamilton

Ticats TV reaction: http://www.ticats.ca/video/index/id/16761

Sounds like the coaching staff would like to be more creative and possibly use Porter in more situations than in the past. Sounds good to me even if its not Porter that gets the additional situational reps

I'm glad to hear this. I know some people here are not keen on QP, but I like him as a player, and think he will make some good contributions.

steve: I think the discussion about Porter has been in relation to his abilities at a starting QB. Now it looks like he will stay as the backup.
I was at that Montreal game a couple of years ago when we beat them at IWS and Porter was the starter. I was impressed. But since then he has not shone. Maybe Khari Jones will provide Porter with more reps and get him more involved in the game than Mike Gibson did. The new offensive coaching staff must seen something to justify giving him an extension through 2012.
I thought QP would be gone this season but I'll gladly defer to the coaching staff.

Totally agree, especially the part about additional reps. It sounds to me like Porter is definitely pegged at this point as our #2, although that could always change depending on what happens at training camp. In the interview, Porter gave the impression that he has been told that his role will be more than it was last year as well. I'm guessing that means more actual game time, probably most of it in garbage time, but maybe, if he's performing well, in a switch-up role to keep the defences off-guard.

I also noticed Obie's statement at the end about going into training camp with four QBs, "but not necessarily the ones we have now." Is that just Obie being Obie? Or was that a hint that there are plans to trade Tafralis and/or Boltus?


Gibson or any OC doesnt make that decision the head coach does.

And just how do you use a backup QB more than Porter is already ?
He's a backup for a reason - he isnt the best QB on the team right now and doesnt give the team the best chance to win.

Just plugging in Porter for the sake of so -called "good" reps would do far more harm than good as it alienates the starter and just what are the chances of winning games with your best QB stewing on the bench ?

"Too bad we lost but at least Porter got some "good" reps" just doesn't cut it .

It's up to Porter to change peoples minds with the opportunities he's given not by taking playing time away from the starter.

Sorry but it is up to the OC to give players time on offense and to call the plays. As far as giving another QB meaningful reps it makes sense when the backup has abilities that are strengths that the starter has as weaknesses if it helps the teams success in situations. To stubbornly keep a QB in the game in a situation that the backup has a better chance of success isn't very smart. Having a backup that isn't ready to play isn't very smart either. If giving the backup more reps helps out in either area it should be embraced not criticized IMO. Better is better after all

zontar: I don't think I said anything that you have accused me of here...other than Khari giving Porter more reps in practice. How else is QP supposed to be ready if Glenn gets injured? I said nothing about giving Porter more reps to become a threat to Glenn and even acknowledged in my post (which you did not quote) that Porter is the back-up.
And when I said would expect Khari will make any decisions on getting Porter more involved in the game....I was referring to sideline stuff and game prep.
So the rolling eye was not necessary. :roll:

I thought they did this awhile ago... no? Didn't he go from like $250,000 to $200,000 because he wanted to stay? Or maybe the fumes up here are making me crazy.

8) Porter was making $125,000 per year on his old contract.
 He took a reported pay cut to approximately $100,000 per year on his contract extension to stay with the Cats.

Signing a player to a contract means squat. How many times have we seen players signed to contracts in this league, only to be dropped/released after training camp.
All this says is: Ticats maybe committed to QP ( or not ), depending on how he plays in the pre-season, & what else they have up their sleeve coming into camp.
I am not saying I don't want, or care about QP - only that there r no guarentees.
Besides - signing him now means no-one else can touch him. Kind of a lockup issue.

It's good that you guys signed QP, but in the limited action that we saw both back ups in action, for me Trafalis has surpassed Porter as the second stringer.

Not everyone is a sleep at the switch, so we locked up QP. Big deal, Obie sent a message to him with the announcement. Not all the QB’s in training camp are going to be around so QP better step up or he will be traded. At least thats how I read it.


That's very true. I think everyone was really impressed with his performance in that one game two seasons ago, but sadly his performance the past two seasons has made that one game look like a flash in the pan as opposed to being a harbinger of things to come. His stock has fallen off quite a bit. Such being the case, I question this:

If he doesn't step up, then who will trade anything for him ? His trade value has to be pretty low at this point, and if he doesn't 'step up' this season, then I see a release as being far more likely than a trade, as I don't think any other CFL GM would part with any asset to acquire him.

Were I to be a GM in the league, take for example Saskatchewan, and I wasn't satisfied with Dinwiddie as the backup to Durant, would I take a flyer on Porter, thinking he still has potential even if he has shown precious little of it the past two seasons? Maybe I would, but only if I could pick him up off waivers at no cost. . . if I had to trade a player to get him, I wouldn't bother; his record over the past two seasons does not justify my trading any player off my roster to get him.

That's my take anyway. . . and in case you haven't noticed, no owner has seen fit to hire me as a GM in the CFL. . .

Can Porter run yes, dose Porter have a good arm yes, dose he have good size very good, is Porter smart yes, dose Porter get rid of the ball fast enough NO, is Porter a very good backup yes. good signing Obie. :thup:

thespec.com Drew Edwards Thu Mar 10 2011

Porter, Mann deals about future and flexibility

[url=http://www.thespec.com/sports/article/499292--porter-mann-deals-about-future-and-flexibility]http://www.thespec.com/sports/article/4 ... lexibility[/url]

thespec.com Drew Edwards Thu Mar 10 2011

When Porter and Glenn signed extensions on the same day before last season,

the dollars were similar with provisions for bonuses built in
that would reward the guy who ended up starting more games.

With Glenn now firmly entrenched as the number one, however,
even Porter's base number was too high for a back up.

This new deal brings his dollars more in line with his role and
I would expect the team will try and extend Glenn at starter-like numbers.

Kevin was underpaid for 2 years ...at the first Training Camp he was far better than Quinton.

IMO, he didn't get # 1 money because the other CFL teams were satisfied with their # 1 QBs,

and Obie took advantage of the perception that Kevin had suddenly "lost it" in Winnipeg

despite the fact that he was nominated as the #1 QB in the West the year before.

I am glad that he will be compensated for the great year he had last year. He deserves it.

That deal has been in the works for some time but is still not done.

With Porter willing to take a little less cash to stay,

that made him more appealing to the Ticats.

...It's not like the CFL is teeming with QB depth at the moment.

click on the link http://scratchingpost.thespec.com/

and read Drew's opinion that one of our 4 QBs will be let go.